Navalny was poisoned with Novichok, European labs confirm

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Ah, but how many of those labs had the pristine samples that only Russian scientists had, huh? How do we know your labs are as unbiased as the fine Russian labs are? How do we know there isn’t some conspiracy here to make Putin look bad?

And besides, what are you gonna do about it? Not buy the oil and natural gas you need to heat your homes this winter? Stop your companies from selling goods to Russian oligarchs? Try to tell Malta not to let Russian millionaires have dual citizenship and entry in to the EU with it?



Don’t forget: whatabout the evil Americans doing the same thing or worse? /usefulidiot


Putin: These accusations are absurd! Even if I wanted to poison my political opponent, how could I possibly arrange to administer the necessary 35 milligrams of Novichok agent into Nalvany’s afternoon decaf macchiato without anyone noticing?


Troublesome intellectuals making you hate what you see in the mirror? Ask your doctor if Novichok is right for you!

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“Despite this, the Kremlin critic intends to return to his home country after he recovers, his press secretary Kira Yarmysh told CNN in a text message Monday.
“No other option was ever considered,” Yarmysh said.”

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And probably, Hair Furor asks his advisors, “how come I can’t poison my political opponents?”

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