Navalny was poisoned with Novichok on hotel water bottle, not cup of tea, says his team

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Why does Putin do this in a way that endangers others - contact poison, radioactive poison? Is the showy, indiscriminate nature of the poisons specifically be a way of punishing the countries that house people he doesn’t like?


He doesn’t give a shit about human life, I think is the most likely answer. But could be that too.


Yeah. He likes that people know he did this. But to maintain the barest sliver of denial.


Is it relevant somehow? Does it exonerate The Tea Poisoner who was wrongly accused? Maybe Navalny doesn’t want to be seen as a tea drinker? Why is this an important detail?

If he hadn’t become Yeltsin’s successor, he would have been a serial killer, probably.


I think the relevant bit is that he was poisoned in Siberia and not on the flight or after landing.


I think the importance is defining just how they got close enough to poison him. The tea in hindsight wasn’t sure enough—how to make sure only his cup got the dose, for example, and not others on his staff. And exposing the details means exposing more links in the chain leading back to those who gave the orders


The polonium in particular was clearly done so that there was no ambiguity about who did it - it was the actions of a state, and a huge expense. I wonder if it’s the same with the Novichok, or it’s more about ease of use and the terror created by the likelihood that it will impact those around the target as well.

Honestly, not even a sliver in the case of the polonium - the opposite, even. It’s like assassinating someone with a squadron of contemporary fighter jets. It meant it could only be Putin ordering it, and he was sending the message that he willing to waste a lot of money doing so, didn’t care who else got hurt, and was happy to be obvious about it.


I am so glad he’s alive, but his statement that he is going back? At a certain point man, you can do more alive from afar than there in the river. If it’s good enough for the Dalai Lama, you can be cool with it too. Escape your failed state, and do whatever you can to go around the world and explain to people why Putin and his mafia need to be PUT DOWN, and the international community need to push back hard hard hard. I pray for the man.


This news extends the chain of evidence, it’s like finding a murder weapon. (Or attempted murder weapon)
Finding the traces of nerve agent in his blood was damning enough, finding the actual delivery vehicle, as opposed to some hypothetical poisoned tea, makes it that much harder for Putin to blow it off. It’s possible they might trace back who handled that water bottle and who fucked with it, further advancing the legal case.

Or it may lead to nothing. But they are obligated to examine all the evidence in any case.


As we have seen in Salisbury and elsewhere he’s only marginally safer abroad. But still, at least making it hard for the assassins would be a good first step. And it would force their hand because any (attempted) assassination would be investigated by people actually interested in finding out the truth. The Salisbury hit team was identified. In contrast there were some Chechens who were the indicted for the murder of Anna Politkovskaya but whether they are actually the guilty party is anyone’s guess.


He kinda is right now, just indrectly.

Firnt it was the tea, now it is the water bottle. Next his underwear?

I wonder how his people got an opened bottle of mineral water laced with Novicok safely from Tomsk to Berlin.

I wouldn’t rule out the tea just yet.

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