Nazi Lover Appointed /r/Canada Moderator || WTF, Canada?

Some dude who once put a bounty on a journalist and calls alt-reich his friends has been appointed a moderator at the /r/Canada subreddit. For years, the alt-reich medym - who also runs “alt-right before it was cool” /r/metacanada - has sat as an /r/Canada moderator, but today marks the day openly hostile racists have gained total control of a once proud subreddit.

Said anti-journalist, Nazi-loving racist goes by the handle dittomuch.

Some other shit he and his friends have been up to:

But sure, “the left are the REAL racists!” who are totally “making nazis by calling all whites nazis”.

:fu: the alt-reich :fu:

Imbeciles, every last one of them. Remember: if you support racist policies, you’re a goddamn racist.

This has been WTF, Canada - a column that asks what the fuck is Canada thinking, written by a Canadian.

Reposted from the other place.


I wish that reddit would dump its American White Supremacist NAZI ties.

It would not be reddit’s first rodeo in the free speech macarena.


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