Near the White House, Secret Service shoot and wound suspect who brandished a gun


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sounds like they did the right thing. i’ll withhold my outrage.


If you believe “the only thing capable of stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”, and you also believe Obama is a treasonous monster . . . then who is the “bad guy” in this situation? The Secret Service?


Well, according to the NRA, this guy was just a patriot showing up to help protect the White House in case Hillary tried to move in early with a coup d’état. It’s kinda like when people with guns started showing up at shopping centers to protect military recruiters from … people with guns. The guy is a national hero; the Secret Service should be disbanded. :-p


I assume certain elements of the media will find a way to spin this as another example of how the Obama administration wants to take our guns.


Did it… hurt to write that? Like did you get cramps as your fingers rebelled against your will?


Actually, it kind of sounds like an attempted suicide.


I assumed you were just making stuff up, but I went ahead and looked for an NRA statement on the shooting. I could not find one. any links?


Easy suicide these days, no?


He is being sarcastic.


My guess is that the outrage that does occur will focus on the fact that Obama was golfing while it happened, instead of, like, throwing a bandolier around his shoulder and taking point on the White House counter-assault.

When I say it like that it sounds like a joke, but, well, you know how it is.


I don’t like this.


President Trump has promised to get rid of gun free zones, on “day one”


I’m normally not one to police people on word usage, but that paring is entirely unacceptable.


But he is going to change the ‘gun laws’ to only allowed to carry when in favour of him? And/or being part of the correct demographic?


You don’t say!


There will be a blood test to check for muslims and liberals!


I’m assuming you’re not going to get a choice about which neck that’s drawn from.


IIRC, it was exactly that, based on remarks from the suspect after he was shot.


Good to see he’s showing a clear understanding for how our government works.