Necco Wafers are Back!

I suppose New New England is geographically closer to New England than New England is to England.


I may have last tasted these around 1962. I doubt I’ve missed much since then.

They are (gleefully) exactly the same.


Do you notice any difference in the chocolate ones?

From the Spangler website, emphasis mine:

Necco Wafer Flavors

Due to its enduring popularity, the original recipe for the Necco Wafer has remained essentially unchanged over the years, and now is no exception.

The eight all-time favorite flavors and colors are returning including lemon (yellow), lime (green), orange (orange), clove (light purple), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink), licorice (dark grey) and chocolate (brown). Seven of the eight flavors were designed to identically match the originals. True Necco Wafers connoisseurs may detect a richer cocoa flavor in the chocolate wafers due to a minor improvement made in the cooking process.

Looks like they’re just selling assorted-flavor (including chocolate) rolls at this point. At the corner store of my childhood we would sometimes try to pick out the rolls that appeared to have the most chocolate ones. And then I seem to remember at some point getting rolls of all chocolate ones. But they are all great!


I honestly didn’t pick up more flavor in the chocolate, but maybe if I had two rolls side by side.

I honestly also used to pick through the rolls for the chocolate-heavy ones, and am looking forward to finding all-chocolate rolls back on the shelf. I like the yellow flavor, even if it isn’t the banana my brain wants it to be. Green and orange are bleh.


It explains the O.

I guess I am one of the few people who actually really like them.

They have been back in stores around here (in Ohio) for a few months; I’ve eaten a few packs of the new ones (and ate a few boxes of the (blank) NECCO conversation hearts around Valentine’s Day).

Flavor wise… they taste exactly as I remember.

Texture wise, they are ever so slightly different; it feels like they are slightly less hard and have just a half tap more moisture in them. I am guessing they are made the same way on the same equipment using the same ingredients but in a different place, and that is the difference.

To be honest… I like them even better now.

(ETA: there is no way we will ever know for sure; we can’t compare a fresh roll of the new to a fresh roll of the old; and this seems like something that storage may change. In fact, it could just be that the limited releases this year are a wee bit softer because they haven’t been in a warehouse as long…)


Ohio has meaningfully better winters than Minnesota. Hardly ever gets below zero, and -20 is even more rare (unlike in Minnesota where -20 is, well, late January every year in the Twin Cities).

I like Neccos, and I’m delighted that those stupid candy hearts will be available next February.


The colors become pale, they get a chalky consistency, and the tastes are washed out.
If you’ve ever had fresh Necco wafers they come in vibrant hues with intense flavors and a firm snap.
It’s like night and day.


Not Imperials. Wafers.


(Does everyone know what imperials are?)


I did a short stint in Boston, and one day after being waylaid by a bunch of Scientologists outside their HQ, I was walking home (I can’t speak for now, but Boston was a GREAT walking city in the mid-1990s!) and saw this:

I decided to go investigate and found the most lovely factory. There was a receptionist who regretfully informed me there were no more tours for the day, but then steered me towards a huge bowl of sweet treats for the taking: Mary Janes, Rollos, Banana chewy things, those weird Boston Baked Bean candies, Rollos, and NECCO wafers. It’s like all the candies you aren’t really thrilled about getting in your Halloween bag, but they were aswesome treats for the rest of my long walk home.
And for the record: I love NECCO wafers. They are the perfect candy, banjo pick, and snap-weapon (think, snapping pennies) all rolled up into one. You eat the flavors you like, you use the others as tools or weapons, and as others have noted, they’re biodegradable, but they never go bad! :slight_smile:


I love Rollos, but you must love them more having named them twice!


And did I mention they also had Rollos???
Totally unintentional, but they were a staple treat at my great-grandparents’ house (along with those strange, melt in your mouth mint candies) so maybe I was feeling extra nostalgic.


I’m torn here. On one side, I genuinely like Necco wafers. But on the other side I’m a Homestar Runner fan and so gave you a like for Strong Sad quote.


I don’t know what the hell those mints are called, but I love them!


Butter mints or after dinner mints? Those melt and are small nugget-sized mints. Still findable at grocery and pharmacy stores. We saw a display of them at Publix recently.


I love Necco wafers. The flavor is great, but is really just a mild accompaniment to the texture. I loved letting them sit in my mouth where they’d turn all smooth, like a self-lubricating flywheel. But then I also love Canada Mints, Tums in a pinch, a shot Pepto Bismol when I have a real chalk deficiency going.


Whichever ones melt. No Publix stores here. :frowning:

Late to this, had to reply. Never have i felt so opposite of OP’s preference (erm, reason for joy? ), yet observed threads/evidence that we all CAN get along!

i’m typically a total cynic but i am earnest in saying, we gotta keep on finding these little, good things right now. Right?


No. I disagree. Necco wafers are tasteless treats for tasteless people. It’s beyond subtle.

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