#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")




Please know that no matter who it is in the crosshairs; Jewish, Black, LGBTQ, Muslims, Women, whoever… I will not stand by silently and watch while doing nothing to prevent it.

Now, I’m not saying that I can ‘make a huge difference all by my little lonesome’, but simply that I will go down swinging in defense of all of us ‘Others’, no matter what.


I wish we could have more solidarity on this.


Each one, reach one.



An occasional poster who was only posting images so @Mindysan33 asked them to post more substantively, and this is what we got in response:




How did this thread go this long before it got said? BBS is still reeling I guess.


Additional interpretation: trump didn’t look Obama in the face because even he has the smallest, tiniest, crushed to atomic dust but still trace amounts of shame. And let that granule of shame burn you, fuckface von clownstick.


And indeed, please listen. Even if your interest is not music and/or dance. Moved me to hear how his voice changes when touching upon something very (depending on your world view) important.



Hopefully if enough people read this, someone will figure out how to implement the script.


This comment calling out our community needs to be read:


I tried to do the same. Liked and thised.




Or at the very least, the video needs more views.


I know that it’s most of a year old, but I think that it needs to be revisited in the aftermath of last week.


totally for making me laugh this evening…


Damn, that was practically precognizent.


Especially the last bit:

[quote="avicebenner, post:81, topic:89687"] That is why we are expressing our disapproval, and fear, and talking about how bad this could be—we are not trying to predict the future; we are trying to prevent it. [/quote]

Hits it right on the nose.