Netflix is going all in on Gears of War

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It’s taken some time, but Hollywood is slowly learning how to craft a decent video game adaptation.

Step 1: Do not give the rights to Uwe Boll.


I mean, Alone in the Dark was at least better than Alone in the Dark 2. Somehow Boll’s involvement was better than him not being there for that series.

I don’t think I said it was impossible to make a film worse than a Boll film. It is. That doesn’t mean that every Boll film hasn’t been terrible.

You didn’t. I actually agree with you 100%. But I remembered how terrible AitD 2 was compared to the original as I was typing my response.

Oh yeah. It was a bad one. It really takes a surreal amount of badness to get something worse than Uwe.

I’m not really familiar with Gears, but it seems like it’s got a pretty uninteresting/generic plot and a setting/design that would mean a lot of expensive FX for any sort of live-action movie or tv series, which seems like a bad combo. Of all the things to adapt, this seems like it would be pretty low priority.

This game never interested me, and I’m not interested in this adaptation. But then again, League of Legends never interested me, but Arcane was phenomenal.

Did they cancel it yet?

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