Networking for introverts

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Can I ride my recumbent bike to this networking thing?


Rule 2: Now extend Rule 1 to cover all days of the week and hang a sign saying fuck off on the front door.


A link to the actual article would have been nice… I’m pretty sure this is it for anyone who cares.


Rule 0: have a career where “networking” doesn’t matter.
Rule 1: stay home.
Rule 2: read a lot.

Works for me.


Networking for introverts obsessive compulsives.

Sometimes I don’t want to talk to anyone. I stay in. Whatever night. Maybe I’m just wild and crazy.


Sure it’s possible to do crazy things at home, alone. Just ask any crazy person.


Yeah i pretty much do the same thing. Or if there’ve been too many nights in a row of People sometimes it will be like a week of staying in. Then I feel better again.

Thank you. I was looking for that.

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That Spire device looked interesting, and within my gadget budget.

Except it’s IOS only. No money for you!

What’s the career? Do I need to got back to school for it?

[quote=“neonflame, post:4, topic:73588”]
I’m pretty sure this is it for anyone who cares.
[/quote] Thanks!


I thought I was an introvert once.

Then I had a few short projects where I sat in a room alone for 8 hours a day, literally not even seeing a human being. Weeks at a time. Just getting instructions by email. Hardly anything else.

It was really embarrassing to occasionally find yourself trying to talk to someone at a restaurant or mall longer than strictly necessary just because you literally had not spoken aloud in days and days. Usually took about 10 days or so.

Turns out, I just really like alone time after work. Always drove me crazy every time I had a travel companion, and we had to hang out after work. (Seemingly a requirement of most people on travel)

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