A Map of the Introvert’s Heart By an Introvert




I believe the Valley of Longing for Company is missing…


That’s the name of a ship that visits the island occasionally, but doesn’t stay.


That’s strange, I always thought it was a quickly passing warm front followed by it raining cats and dogs.


I shudder to think what the extrovert’s map looks like.


Self Checkout Lanes, one of my favorite inventions ever.


It’s good to know my people are out there…

… And not actually next to me trying to have an awkward conversation.


If you want other people around then you’re not an introvert.


Love Gemma!
Her “at a party” ones always entertain me…


Bit of a love/hate for me --or it was. I’ve made peace with the item look-up function. (“Sales Attendant has be notified to assist you” -No. Just no. Please go away.)


Agree with everything here with all of my introvert heart, but not self-checkout lanes. That is some labor attacking bullshit that I will not tolerate, even if it does mean I don’t have to talk to anyone or have them ask me if I found everything all right.


I think these days I’m less of an introvert than I am just a straight-up misanthrope.


Not at all, it’s nice having people around, as long as they STFU.


The Township of Night Walks (Unincorporated)


It’s a valley that every introvert drives through at least on occasion. If not, then the only way to get from Recluse Corner to Solitude Mountains is via the Sociopathway.


I was looking for “leave me the fuck alone cavern” but I guess that’s the hermit’s cave’s less genteel name. I also saw “self-checkout” and interpreted it very darkly. I see now it was just intended to mean avoiding small talk with cashiers.

I suppose I need to lighten up a little.


Yes. Embracing introversion as an ideology and identity can be quite dangerous, you don’t need to shun the world, just get your me time every now and then.
But to each his own, personally I don’t like to visit the Isle of Netflix alone, its nice to talk about the movie and what your introversion powers allow you to take away from it.


I can’t help noticing how many Internet Introverts there are who desperately have to keep telling everyone how introverted they are all the time. Could you please be just a fraction more introverted and cut that out?


Near the Straits of Longing for Company to Leave Already.


Yeah, isn’t it paradoxical how much joy we feel in finding out we’re not alone?

It works because it happens at a distance, and because we can shut it down any time we choose.