Nevada game poaching ring caught via Facebook


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Never advertise your criminal stupidity on Facebook go to MySpace were no one with ever see it.


Oh hey, i lived in Lincoln County. In the town of Panaca and also Caliente for a little bit too. Forwarded the article to a friend whose family still lives there. Honestly i’m not surprised by the poaching, i saw high school kids kill something like 200 wild rabbits for fun, didn’t know what to do with it so they tossed them all into a local spring.

Really? 200? That is quite a feat. One year there was a huge rabbit boom in Kansas and they had a no limit season in the winter. They poor things were so scrawny there was nothing to eat. You basically killed them so they wouldn’t starve to death.

Anyway - I can’t believe the number of idiots who can’t STFU when they do something illegal. I’m glad they were caught. I hate poachers.

The Jackrabbit Drives.

I rounded quite a bit up as people are prone to doing. But it was around 100, they had pictures of all the rabbits that they had laid out of a road. They pretty much never got out of their truck, they just drove around shooting from the truck. I’m not bleeding heart animal activist (even though i am vegetarian), but hey if you’re going to go around killing critters you should at least do something with them.

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They must have been bragging about their K-rad Warez!!1! …

Never mind, wrong kind of game…

Well if there were that many they were probably over populated. At any rate, if left to nature the coyotes will get to them. Then the vultures. Then the maggots and worms and bacteria. Everything has to eat.

I generally think you should eat what you kill. The exception being pests (prairie dogs, crows, etc.) In the case of rabbits if there are too many they have no meat worth eating and they end up starving to death.

As for hunting in general, I’ve had some conversations with people who are happy to eat cows, pigs, and chickens, but for some reason look down on hunting. Personally, if done right, hunting I see is extremely humane. How do animals die in the wild? It isn’t at a hospice hooked to morphine. They get killed by predators, starve to death, and/or get sick or injured and slowly die. I’d much rather die quickly than slowly…

FWIW I am not really even a hunter. I did hunt when I was younger with my dad, but other than a deer I took with my dad 4 or 5 years ago, I haven’t killed anything in like 20 years.

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Most of them were country boys so i know for sure they could’ve done something with the rabbits. It’s just a case of stupid HS kids doing stupid things. Still think it was a shameful waste though.

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They should be boiled in oil. For three and a half minutes.

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