New ad reminds us that Greg Abbott isn't alone in his creepy views on women and rape

How is this video misrepresenting anything? They quoted republicans because a lot more Republicans are against women’s right to have an abortion than Democrats. Your argument that the video is bad because the Meidas brothers make money from their videos is a side comment at best. What is your real beef here?


It’s not. I get the feeling a couple of people would like to have a completely different discussion about political ads, fundraising, and other things that have nothing to do with the misogynistic statements in the video or the groups enabling the pols who made them. The comment above that the content is irrelevant said it all - and is the reason why there are so many flags being thrown.


Literally NO ONE SAID THAT. And we’re ALL aware of the problems of SuperPacs, because, you know, we’re conscious and pay at least some attention to American politics. Most of us here would agree that the Citizens United decision was a very bad one.

Calling this ad disingenuous for telling the truth by letting the GQP tell us how they feel about women being raped the “same” as the authoritarians spreading actual LIES about the election is complete and utter bullshit. And you know that.

This line of questioning introduced by that poster just comes off as yet another attempt to derail the discussion from how women’s rights are under attack by the far right, which is the mainstream of the GQP right now.

This maybe a superpac with all the associated problems, but we can’t FIX THAT SHIT until we deal with the actual fascists in our political system.


I’m wondering if any of these assholes views would change if they were paid a visit by “Super-girthy-unit” the rapist?

Ah, they should enjoy it, or God willed it, etc…

Nope? Only applies to women who get raped? I see…

So, the sole aim of a political ad is to change the mind of hard-core ideological adversaries? Half of the Democrats’ problems are people not showing up to vote. Keeping the Democratic base involved (as well as swaying wavering Independents) and active is an equally useful aim.


Fair question.

Interesting that whatever ‘the beef’ actually may be, it led to a thorough derailment of a conversation that’s essentially about women’s rights and access to abortion…

Odd how that happens…


Thank you.


Agree. It’s useless to try to change a Trumpanzee’s mind. But it’s possible to motivate an apathetic Democrat.


Personally, while I do see the point that midastouch, and Lincoln republicans groups are still republicans, and still far to the right of my personal views, I still am happy to see that they exist. Because at least they aren’t totally fucking nazi crazy like the rest of the republican party. I may disagree with them on some policy and how the government should best serve the American people, but at least they still think we should have a democratic government, and that it should serve the American people, quite unlike the rest of the R party, which wants to eliminate democracy in favor of a theocratic banana republic dictatorship.


I’m pretty sure he wasn’t dead when he said it.

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Holy fucking hell. The fact that all these people made these statements as elected officials for the GOP (or running for the privilege of being such) and were not drummed out by their own party members tells you everything you need to know about said party.

As for this:

Do you know what an ad is? Ads for juicy fruit and Doritos are “ads” right? They’re from singular companies out to make money. That’s what most ads are.
Maybe you meant something else. If so, use better words, sir, bc taking that stance after seeing video of these real people saying this despicable stuff in their own words is quite suss.


I think that it is quite telling that we are even debating how much money MeidasTouch actually puts into producing and distributing these kinds of ads and where the rest of the money goes. I really cannot imagine people on the pro-Trump side saying something like, “Hey, don’t buy those ‘Where’s Hunter?’ t-shirts for 50 bucks! Only pennies of that actually goes to decrypting Hunter’s hard drive!” It is like comparing chess and checkers.

However, looking at the propaganda put out by the pro-Trump side: with its hysterical proclamations, dearth of facts and not-even subtle racism/sexism/xenophobia, where the “message” is either meant to spread through social media like a virus at no cost or a naked exhortation for money with no strings attached…I cannot see how they can be called the same.


(looks around) Is anyone here donating money to these folks? Anyone? Anyone at all? Bueller? Bueller?

Yeah, this whole long debate over it is a non-sequitur at Boing Boing. We aren’t giving ANY members of the grifting right our cash, no matter how many ads they post that we agree with. I believe firmly in the need to bleed the cash out of politics until the whole rotten system is as dry as the Sahara, because money has turned us from a teetering old democracy into one that is currently being toppled as we watch in horror. And the fuckers who made this video - which is truthful and full of FACTS and STATEMENTS made by the very people they’ve helped put in power - are equally to blame, even as they try to wash the blood off their hands with appeals like this.

So stop arguing. Let’s move on to watching how Jan Psaki disembowels another dumb right-wing reporter with her sharp tongue alone.


Presumably you meant to say Lincoln Project.

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Both of them, actually.

The brothers behind the MeidasTouch ads were never affiliated with the Republican Party and have shown no interest in promoting any Republican politicians or causes. Prior to this campaign Ben Meiselas was best known as the civil rights attorney who represented Colin Kaepernick.

Not really the same as the Lincoln Project.


King Midas was a famously greedy gold hoarder
And kept slaves, possibly, I don’t actually know much about Phrygian society in that respect
Anyway I’m afraid that means we shouldn’t pay attention to how horribly misogynist the Republican party is until we find another source completely free of sin
Sorry, ladies, but it’s more important to do things perfectly than to do them

(/s forever obviously)