New book about the books that changed David Bowie's life

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It’s hard to make out in the picture, but he’s posing with Dostoevsky’s The Idiot. I’ve often wondered if that’s a shout out to Iggy Pop, who he was constantly covering in the decade of the poster, the ‘80s.


I think it is nice to have a pop cultural icon say, “I like to read books, and they affect my life.”


(liner notes from Heathen)


I love that movie Berlin, Alexanderplatz or, well, I guess it was a show.
I watched it as a movie on, uh, you know, VHS.


Is that surprising? It’s a really good book. And Capote seems like the type of person Bowie would admire.


Well, Pop’s album The Idiot was co-written and produced by Bowie. Bowie also played many of the instruments on the album, and sang backing vocals. The album is under Iggy Pop’s name, but it’s also very much Bowie’s (and I consider it the fourth entry in the Berlin Trilogy). So Bowie’s version of “China Girl”, for example, isn’t really a cover: just a different recording by one its writers. But yeah, the poster is definitely an easter egg reference to that album.


Yeah, I know. But, I kinda think if one of the original writers waits a few years to record their version, it qualifies as a cover.


Yeah, I kinda figured you knew. But I thought it should still be said, for the other folks!


Wonder if the Camus book was the Rebel, Rebel?

Makes one think if you made that list what books would surprise your close friends. I think mine would be Illusions by Richard Bach, most people that know me would not think of me reading about levitating 9/16th wrenches.

Read what you like and try not to impress anyone who may look over your shoulder to see what you are reading.

linked with the inclusion of Berlin, Alexanderplatz by Alfred Döblin

There’s no comma in “Berlin Alexanderplatz”. Pesco should add a “(sic)” to the quote to show that the mistake is Quin’s

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