New book makes clear how close we came on Jan. 6: Mike Pence was "nearly lost" and plans were made to secure continuity of government

I think it’s worth remembering that Russia and China still very much have their empires too. They no longer have emperors but they both still have a number of different peoples subjugated by a single central authority that conquered them.

I don’t really know what to call Canada and Australia though. Lots of different peoples are still there but settler colonies feel like a different concept to me, not necessarily in better ways. :frowning:


Yes. And the Soviet Union was it’s own empire, too. I think that the nature of imperial power has changed it’s face, but I think that it’s very true that empire still exists, even if it visibly functions differently.


Russia and China are also settler-colonial empires. The Tibetans and Uighurs are now outnumbered by Han Chinese settlers, and if anyone suggests that they shouldn’t be minorities in their own homelands the Chinese government calls them racist for saying that Chinese citizens should not be free to live anywhere in China.

The difference is that they are land empires, so they can simply expand their borders without having to claim that somewhere halfway around the world is an integral part of the mother country.


I wasn’t arguing that the Dems were in danger of losing a seat, I was thinking of his value as an amazing orator and cultural icon. I’d also suggest he might’ve one day been presidential material, though we both know how problematic nominating someone Jewish would be, considering how hard it was for America to come to terms with JFK’s Catholicism. And that’s coming from a Jew. :wink:

Your point is valid: he fell on his grenade for a higher purpose, despite my affinity for him and considering that the GOP is perfectly okay with sexual predators like Matt Gaetz in their ranks it made sense.
It’s still barking tragic that when Dems take the high road it comes at a steep cost.


Much like America… :+1:

To be fair, so is America… we can just more effectively project our power around the world than the Russians or Chinese can…

[ETA] Also… a refresher on what Franken was accused of…

He did the right thing in stepping down. Full stop. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, portraying it all as some sort of political move between two sides feels a lot like this:

Smbc Bad things

I’d rather we just admit that bad things are bad and try to avoid them. Sexual assaulters don’t belong in government.


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I want the people representing me to care about their constituents and do their jobs by listening to us… this isn’t really team sports, and it’s maybe beyond time to stop treating politics in that manner? I think i’ts a major part of how we got here in the first place. But politics is about how we get large scale projects done that need doing after all, not a game at all… Part of the reason why some have been upset with the Democratic party is that they started playing the GOPs bullshit games, and as a result moved right to try and win their voters (especially white voters who were angry about integration).


It’s not tragic if Democrats take the high road on misogyny- it’s why Democrats want to vote for them.

Biden is very Catholic and it didn’t matter at all. Hope springs.



I remember the accusations, I also remember the exoneration and the general consensus that Franken was the victim of a far-right radio personality’s character assassination.

My brother was once hauled before his boss after being accused of sexual harassment. The reality was he’d ignored the advances of a coworker and then went on a date with someone else. I vaguely knew her, that was back in the Anita Hill era. Her spiteful jealousy could’ve got him fired so there is precedent for men occasionally being, you know, decent. Funny thing was, his boss until then was sure he was gay. I sometimes wondered myself. :woman_shrugging:


I don’t think Franken is some kind of monster beyond all hope of redemption, but he did a genuinely bad thing unbecoming of a public servant, and he did it more than once. “The Republicans do worse stuff all the time” doesn’t change that.


It can be easy to misapprehend another country’s politics.


The what?

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Well, see, only one thing can be true, so it couldn’t possibly be that maybe both he did things he should not have AND the far right media tried to weaponize it…


There are decent men out there. It’s not common but I do know someone who was threatened with a false accusation of sexual assault from someone at university. From all I can tell a good guy, and the moment she mentioned the words to him he left and called the staff to handle things, and she admitted there was no such event. That there were no additional women who ever came forward with similar stories lends a lot of credence to that, anyway. :thinking:

Anyway, am I wrong in thinking this is by now completely unrelated to the topic of Trump trying to overthrow the government?


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Not at all; this derailment should have probably been split off at the first mention of people who are not 45 or his cabal.


America and the post-war world order of the rule of international law are falling. The process is not yet finished.


Maybe, maybe not. That’s the thing about being a historian, I tend to not make pronouncements before a process is done, because past is not prologue.