New Florida Tea Party Congressman Performs as Expected

Wait wait … are you suggesting not all US-american politicians are like this?

Some of them are allowed to retain their humanity as long as they don’t ever want to become powerful enough to make a difference.

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To be fair, I was talking about here on this discussion, not really in meat space… though I think you’re right on that.

To be fair, perhaps she thought that they were Irish…


Ah… the good old days, before the Irish were white and were “flooding” American shores rather than die in a famine…

That’s crazy, BTW… what is it from? Like Harper’s or something like that?

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I messed up… that is British not American.

From Punch, or the London Charivari, May 20, 1882.
Here's a Harpers' that I have seen several times over the years... Came across a lovely Jewish immigration one as well (not sure of the source).

That probably explains why I’ve never seen it… Being from punch makes sense.

I’ve seen those before. I’m sure I’ve used the first one in a powerpoint for teaching at some point.

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