New “Framing” Ads on iPhone truly irritating

I’m seeing very irritating ads on my iPhone running iOS 12.something. What I am seeing is this:

Which expands and contracts, and sometimes obscured the edges of the text.


take that content! checkmate! :frowning_face:

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I’ve reported the issue.

You are also welcome to use the bad ad reporter:

This will help them determine if there’s a specific device/browser that has issues.


I don’t think it’s an “issue.” It think this is how they are supposed to display. I see these on all devices.

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We’re not looking for ads that cover up our text. But there are a lot of browser versions and platforms out there, so what works to prevent that in one may not work in others, or with our specific layout. Hence issues like these.


It’s not just the text obscuring. It’s also the dancing, expanding, disappearing, all while I’m trying to read text.

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Sometimes ads are the only thing one can see on an entire page. Ads covering up a little text are bad, but ads drowning out content 10 to 1 is okay?

Here’s what this piece of carp often looks like. You can see that the text I am trying to read is obscured. What you can’t see is that this happened three times in the space of two minutes.

What does this mean? It’s not at all clear.

I do not set or have anything to do with ad policy.

I’ve provided the bad as form above, and reported the issue upstream as well. You are also welcome to email with these details if you wish. I only know that they are looking into these issues. I won’t be able to help further than that, though.

Thanks. This makes sense to me.

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