New Guns N' Roses box set is over the top and $999


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Old fat Axel FTW



For $1K I expect actual leather.


Y’know, this kind of stuff is gonna happen more and more. For those of us that came to age in the 80s who couldn’t afford jack back then, but now we got the dinero to flush on this kinda crap, yeah, they’ll sell some copies.

A grand is steep for this. If I was such a GnR fan, I’d be more amenable to about $499.


The first GnR album is pretty good, but they are still among the most over-rated bands ever. I guess I just find the continued interest in them confusing-- they were good but not worthy of a $999 box set. For comparison Neil Young’s Archive box sets were way cheaper and spanned a lot more albums and years (and I can’t imagine there are that many hidden gems in GnR’s short career.)


Soooo…isn’t that like $200 an album?


But that wouldn’t be very G’n’R.

Over the top self indulgence mixed with dubious financial decisions is basically Guns ‘n’ Roses in a nutshell. But in this case I suspect it’s really just very canny and inexpensive advertising for a much cheaper box set coming out next year.


I think it’s high time for Vegas residency…


It’s good to see GnR’s given up on releasing shitty new albums and is getting back to what they do well, fleecing idiots with re-releases of the material from when they had talent and imagination.


Even if we were still in the days when people paid $20 for a CD, the content here is WAAAAAAY too thin for $1K. Even half that is pushing it. There’s basically a whopping double-CD worth of newish stuff and then a pile of knick knack garbage


That’s the thing, this isn’t even a career-spanning box set. It is strictly Appetite-era stuff.


He will take 1000:


For $1K I expect the band to contribute some of their own skin…


Cocaine and mansions aren’t going to just buy themselves.


I will never understand how anyone can listen to Guns & Roses… the worst vocals in the history of mankind. Ethel Merman meets Paul Lynd.

Just pop on over to youtube and give their cover of Live & Let Die a listen.
fucking horrible


Great album & band, but Spotify’s enough. That there buys me 100 months of it.


I was all excited about this. Now I’m all pissed. Axl can just keep mine.


That’d never pass the FDA.


Jim Carrey’s first big break in film was in Buddy Von Horn’s Dead Pool 1988 playing Johnny Squares were he lampoon’s Axel Rose/GnR