New interface to control electronic devices with your teeth

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“teeth”? if it’s to be an covert-oral-centered keyboard then map the tip of the tongue; might get a decent key map on the front palate region that way. (“Where’s the chorded keyboard inside my sneakers i was promised!?” (or “trainers” if one is lucky enough to be British)) My dentist would love to diagnose a stuck capslock key, i’m quite sure.

This will be a game changer for people with disabilities. I hope it makes it to market.


I have tried skin-mount bone conduction hearing devices for single sided hearing. My unavoidable conclusion was that pressing skin down to get a firm bone connection is never going to be comfortable enough to be a long term solution to anything.

I was excited about the

They actually bind to the tooth itself, which could be much more comfortable. But they went under. Still, the same principle of actually attaching a transducer to the tooth seems like a much better solution here.

Reminds me of the early 70’s TV series “Search” - the agents in the show had audio devices surgically implanted along with the ability to bite down with their teeth to send a signal to control room.

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We will all look like this

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This is a well-done study and the system has a ton of potential. It would probably take a bunch of iteration to get it to a size/cost where it could be built into a commercial device. I see from the paper that putting it on properly is somewhat complicated. I don’t know if there’s an easy solution for that. This would be definitely great for people with disabilities. The authors note a few practical use cases, although they’ve somehow overlooked the obvious situation of a woodwind musician who wants to control their electronic processing while playing.

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