New Marvel trailer for Ant-Man: Avengers spinoff superhero film starring Paul Rudd as Scott Lang


There’s a whole two female cast members. Wow!


His nefarious scheme was cut short by Ant Lion Man.


Yeah but PAUL RUDD!

Ant-Man costume is decent, but not so much the Yellowjacket (assuming that’s who the foe is) costume. I understand that comic outfits tend to not translate to “real life” all that well, but it should have a stronger comics base to it.

I will see the movie, just not sure if it’ll be in the cinema or at home. Either way it will be the first movie that I’ve seen with Paul Rudd in it.

Hey, the Ant-Man I grew up with wasn’t white.


The Thomas the Train derailment sold me.

Interesting trailer, raises hope it will actually be good from zero hope at all. Meanwhile, just noticed they are putting a similar character, ‘the Atom’, in most excellent ‘Flash’ series, and the sadly meh ‘Arrow’ series.

I had been exploring the concepts of ‘big’ and ‘too big’ recently, how there is such things as something ‘too big’ for people’s minds to handle, for instance, or the difference between a ‘big story’ and a smaller story… and a friend pointed out there is also a very related concept which should not be overlooked of being ‘too small’. The day of little things should not be despised…

Esoteric considerations to be sure, but we human beings are vastly small, individually, and collectively. In terms of history, capacity, relative to the universe… and one of our most reoccurring failings is estimating our selves as much ‘bigger’ then we actually are. Hopefully, ant man explores some of these failings and shows how they can be strengths if so embraced and acknowledged.

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