New Mexico Greyhound Bus Crash: Multiple deaths, serious injuries. 49 were on board

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We need autonomous trucks for the long hauls, just sayin’.


What’s the worst that could happen?


All you Cow Pokes be careful out on the Nation’s highways this holiday weekend.


Jesus that’s horrible.


In the interest of accuracy: freeway is the wrong term here – a freeway implies multiple lanes, in a metropolitan area, with lots of traffic. Highway is the better description: this is purely open-road Interstate traveling here, sparsely populated, with Grants and Thoreau being decidedly small towns. Not freeway-level traffic, but still dangerous.


The truckers like to carry on about how their drivers are “professionals” and should be somehow elevated above Joe Dough the highway commuter. Around here the speed limit is 60 for trucks and 70 for passenger cars. Care to guess who is most apt to tailgate you when you’re driving 70 in your Ford Focus?

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I was not supposed ot post that We have to pretend that never happened

Care to guess who’s trying to make a living by delivering their load as fast as possible?
Not saying it’s right for them to tailgate you, (unless you’re in the passing lane), but they are a segment of the working population that is being crushed by the present economic model and just trying to put food on the table for their kids.

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I saw this last night before i went to bed and it broke my heart. Before i got a car i used to use Greyhound regularly to visit family and i did always get nervous about potential accidents. What a nightmare for everyone involved :frowning: the crash looks just horrifying.

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Does it? I had thought that it meant it was primarily designed for movement and without grade level intersections.

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If there’s a comment more deserving of the Pedant Award, I’ve love to see it.



Freight belongs on rails.

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That’s one of my favorite Futurama lines.

Two industries that do their best to avoid regulating worker hours and giving short shrift to mechanical upkeep on their vehicles. Who woulda thunk?

FYI for everyone: Apparently the semi blew a tire, which made it go out of control and swerve across the highway. I-40 in that area is, as pictured, little more than 4 lanes separated by a bit of an easily crossed non-barrier median zone.

I don’t think even a barrier would stop an out control semi though… might slow it up a bit.

Those barriers made from 3 or 4 rows of steel cable should. It would probably destroy 100 yards of the supports holding it in place as it sort of slides down the cables, but it should prevent a cross over.

They finally put those in about 10 years ago along the heavily traveled 435 loop and cross over accident fatalities are mostly non existent now. You can still die, of course, but not hitting someone head on.

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They tried those here WA and car managed to still cross over. Also as a 2 wheel rider I don’t like them as they are essentially human slicers if you get thrown into them at speed.
They are have mostly been replaced with concrete barriers.

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I am sure it is possible to still go across one, especially if the area was already damaged.

I can see your point about motorcycles - but - uh - you can say that about a lot of things. Head long into a concrete barrier is going to be a bad day.

They do have concrete barriers along parts of 435 and I70. The cables are or the areas with the grass medians. I believe they are cheaper and are supposed to bring cars down to a slower stop, resulting in less injuries. I don’t have a problem with concrete barriers, I just want something besides a grass median if possible.

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