New model of Panasonic's nose hair / ear hair trimmer for $13

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Starting to look like a gopher lives in there, said Mom many times as a child.


years ago some friends and I were walking through a store, and saw a display of nose hair trimmers.

one guy picked up the display model - started moving it to his nose! the rest of us quicly intervened and said “look inside it”

sure enough - people had been using it. :slight_smile:
it is a tool I often wonder if I need, or do not need.


$31.66 for Canadians, but that’s because we’re known for our extra bushy locks.

I have to admit: I ordered one of these after Mark’s last post, to replace my older broken trimmer.

This one’s much nicer than my old one, trims nicely, and works well on ears, which my ears appreciate.

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My trusted hair stylist let me know when it was time for an ear trimmer.


What color Kyber crystal does it come with?


A Bic lighter is only a buck.


pix or that did not happen :smiley:

Thanks, but I’ll wait for the Star Wars themed model to match the beard trimmer.

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Just search for “Turkish singeing” on youtube. Don’t try it for nose hair.

Luke still doesn’t need one.

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Thank you, thank you, my God, thank you! How have I lived lo these many years without a nose-hair trimmer? Thank you!

I have tried a couple of models, but found them too loud for using them on my ears.
So I just pluck any ear hair with a pair of tweezers.

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