Panasonic's excellent ear and nose hair trimmer on sale for $10

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Oh thank God. Our long national nightmare is over.


Using that sure would beat snorting Nair.


Bought one the last time this showed up on BB and it gave me ingrown nosehairs, which are unpleasant. A search of the reviews shows this is a common issue.

Trimmed hairs regrow so quickly though.

For ears, they do make low temp microwave facial wax that works wonders. If people use it on their faces and bikini areas, you can use it on your ears.

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Is this internet ready?


I find them too loud for trimming the ear hairs.

And anyway, tweezers work just fine.

That is just… aack… erf… thptht… just… no.
No no no no no no no no no.

ETA: No.

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Would love a rechargeable option. The last one we got pulls some hairs and misses others, which is not helpful. Tweezing may be the best option, though thinking about it makes me teary-eyed in anticipation.

Stell’ dich nicht so an.

Rotary trimmers never worked for me. I have tried a few highly regarded ones. My hairs seem so fine that they get pushed out of the way instead of trapped in the cutter.

The epiphany for me was the electric groomer attachments that are like a hair trimmer on the side of a cylinder. Often marketed as ear trimmer instead of nose trimmer. It came with a multi groomer kit I got, but I have seen Gillette branded ones that are sold individually for $20 or less and recommended by friends.

ETA: I think these are often marketed as eyebrow trimmers.

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This model is NOT THE GOOD ONE that Panny makes! This one is MUCH better!

It’s not rechargeable, but a single AA lasts for a long long time.

I used to wonder, as a younger man, why so many old dudes have so much untamed nose and ear hair.

When I hit my late 30s I finally realized… that shit is like the 5 o’ clock shadow of nose and ear hair – shit grows fucking FAST! What the HELL?!


It’s Nature’s way of say, “Okay, that’s enough bugs in this guy’s ears and nose. Time to slow your roll, bugs.”

Also, “Hey laaaadies! Check this out! This is cool, right? If not, wait a few months and he’ll be able to braid it. That’s guaranteed to impress you.”

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Let’s hope they mean something like this:

“Tweezer” is blessedly only in the brand name.

I use something like those for my nose hairs and a rotary trimmer like the one in the article for my ears. The rotary trimmer also works on those rare occasions when I touch up the edge of my beard (i.e., after I’ve done the rough work with my regular trimmer).

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