New old-timey Twilight Zone action figures announced


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Burgess Meredith as Henry Bemis in ‘Time Enough at Last,’

If you somehow do lose his glasses you can always just pretend he’s Romney Wordsworth from ‘The Obsolete Man’ or Satan from ‘Printer’s Devil’ or the titular character from ‘Mr. Dingle, The Strong.’


What–no Martin Landau?

Yeah. And we need Shatner too.

…and Burgess Meredith as Henry Bemis in ‘Time Enough at Last,’ who is getting a permanent space on my bookshelf where he can finally enjoy some good literature without worrying about breaking his glasses."

50 years I’ve been avoiding that spoiler. I was all set to watch it tonight, having finally saved up enough for a netflix subscription. That’s not fair! That’s not fair at all!!!


Doesn’t look to me like those glasses come off, HOW am I supposed to play out that episode in my backyard sandbox if I cant remove the glasses at the end?!

On one hand these kinds of things are wonderful and cool, on the other hand I keep thinking about all the plastic waste floating in the Pacific. Of course this isn’t designed to be disposable, like a toothbrush or tennis shoe, so no big deal, but “living simply” also doesn’t require me to accumulate lots of “stuff”, including a plastic toy that is mostly a hip visual joke, and that most folks will never even remove from the package.

Not that I want to be a “concern troll” (I don’t really care that much about it), but I do think about these things; I would get just as much enjoyment from a photoshopped version, and save the energy consumption of a factory spitting these out.

Dennis Hopper in his homemade white supremacist uniform, as a bobblehead.

Too bad the guy Billy Mumy turns into a jack-in-the-box in “It’s A Good Life” wasn’t a star, it would have made a great figure.

Jonathan Winters was a good Satan when he played pool with Jack Klugman. Klugman had 4 episodes, but none of them were really iconic despite his solid acting.

And Earl Holliman? Why? Because Earl Holliman.

Franklin. . . F R A N K L I N !

The “existing line…” link is wrong. Search terms should be Bif BANG Pow.

Both times!

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