New Orleans mayor spent $250,000 on travel expenses, taxpayers foot the bill

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And why does the mayor of New Orleans need to go to Qatar on official business?


Number one link on Reddit for me after I read this: Cantrell proclaims “Back That Azz Up” Day in New Orleans

and like, okay, sure, honoring the 25th anniversary of a song by local musicians that went moderately big is part of the kind of stuff that a mayor’s job includes, but it’s pretty hilarious coming after a reminder of her travel expenses and her sleeping with her security escort. Meanwhile I spent all last night failing to sleep because my brain decided to start worrying about us going into hurricane season with a scary number of the hundred-year-old pumps that drain the city, and the hundred-year-old generators that power them, down for maintenance that’s not projected to be done until past the end of hurricane season.


That scandalous $250,000 pricetag on airfare, travel expenses

Given how corrupt New Orleans is known for being, that doesn’t sound THAT bad. :wink:


Latoya Cantrell has been facing recall efforts for a couple years. There’s the travel grift, and the city owned apartments she’s been living in rent free, and the general not seeming to give a shit about what the city wants.

I’m much more bothered by her lousy legacy on city infrastructure and her bringing the state police back to NOLA. If she did her job well, the grift could be overlooked, but, even by New Orleans standards, water pipes and drainage have been disasters. That she ran for re-election essentially unopposed in 2021 seems mind-blowing now


Riding down Carrollton or Claiborne can give you an idea of how of illustrious her administration is down here…

I assume you mean these parts of the city?

Care to elaborate on your claims?

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“Needs” and “official business” are very strong words; but the schedule lines up with The “Qatar Economic Forum 2024”(14th-16th may); and some news reports indicate she attended.

I assume that it’s the usual song and dance about how shaking hands in proximity to money will bring prosperity to your jurisdiction; because when the movers and shakers of the world economy are picking ports they obviously do so based on how personable they thought the mayor was; not boring logistical and economic factors.

"Qatar Economic Forum 2024 (QEF) will take place from May 14 to 16 as the Middle East’s leading news-driven event dedicated to global business and investment. It brings together professionals and experts in the field to facilitate discourse on economic issues and topics through multidimensional perspectives. "

Ya…I was being sarcastic because it’s a mess driving down dese streets, let alone biking which I do daily…I stay on Belfast… right off Carrollton.

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:joy:…lol! Take Care!

It’s safe to say I’m the only bbser from South Carrollton, so I’m pretty sure there’s no one here that has any clue what you’re talking about. As it is, I’ve biked and driven down Carrollton and Belfast and Claiborne (North and South). And I don’t know what your point is, either.


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