New poll reveals that most Democrats and Republicans agree that America will "cease to be a democracy" in the future, and is headed for civil war

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It’s a scenario I take seriously, but I suspect most of the respondents don’t understand what kind of civil war they’re in for if the country lets the GOP throw liberal democracy out the window. It will be as – if not more – nasty and pervasive as the ones in Syria or the former Yugoslavia, and it will last a long time.

This is why progressives and fighting liberals can’t give into defeatism. The probability of this happening goes way down if we make it clear how horrible and scary and miserable this would be for everyone.


So, in other words, people have given up. Great.


I’m headed to Iceland soon. I want to stay there. The US is creeping me out. :cry:


Might be worth looking into for your own safety.


I won’t say I’ve given up… but as a single individual among millions, I have no idea what I can do to stop this.

I can and will vote, of course… but it still feels like this is so much bigger than me, and I’m not sure where the best place is to direct my efforts to do some good.


No, I didn’t say that. But I think lots of people have just accepted that this is “destined” to happen. As a historian, I don’t believe in “destiny.” It’s choices that we all make that shapes how things come out. A civil war and the end of American democracy (as imperfect as it always was) is a possibility, but it’s not a foregone conclusion.

I’d argue that we keep doing what we’re doing - vote, communicate with our elected officials, get out to protest when possible, give to causes that are working to shore up our democracy, be vocal about what we know is the morally right thing to do, etc. Just more of what many of us have already been doing. There is not single, simple answer that will “fix” everything. Rather it’s just continuing to “bend the arc of history” as Raphael Warnock said on Colbert the other night.


Is that what republic means now? Someone should probably let the Romans know they’ve been using their word wrong.

Republic not democracy


There are organisations that are doing good work in trying to prevent this outcome: the ACLU, the EFF, Planned Parenthood, the SPLC, the ADL, etc. You can also become a poll volunteer on election day, participate in your local Dem (or other anti-death-cult) party [paging @stefanjones], etc. Attend protests that matter to you. Spread the word about dangerous individuals and ideologies and trends. Or just be there to provide mutual support for those around you.

None of us can sway this as individuals – that’s more of the Libertarian BS that’s set us up for failure in the past. Do what you can knowing you’re in solidarity with others.

I don’t blame anyone looking at the option of leaving – I myself am already halfway out the door. If you truly want to stay there (or any not-USA place) then now is the time to start working on your visa or other immigration papers. Whatever happens is going to be decided over the next three years, which is a very short time in the realm of the world’s immigration bureaucracies.


The people who want to believe in end times also seem to have a vested interest in bringing it to fruition which is so so fucked up. Many of these same people want to throw all their money into buying end-of-times vehicles with visions of ‘escaping into the wilderness’ because they believe in Road Warrior cosplay. If you have so much extra discretionary income, wouldn’t it be wiser to take that same extra money and build a community garden?


Yeah, we don’t need unrest in the country with more guns than citizens. (inb4 guns are ruled to be citizens)


I sometimes wonder if this kind of thing is partially self-fulfilling… people get upset, the media and polls ask “is there a civil war coming”, and people start thinking “hey maybe there is civil war coming”, the media continues to report on how people feel about a coming civil war, people continue to get upset…

That’s not to say there aren’t real things to be upset about, there certainly are… but it’s a little alarming that the idea of a civil war is on anyone’s mind at all. I wish it was kind of like asking “are you worried about being trampled by a horse?” like no of course not, it’s the 21st century! why are we even talking about being trampled by a horse!?


It’s a case of one side (the GOP) spoiling for a civil war, and many Democrats afraid that those people WILL start a civil war. The mind set of the two sides is not identical.

There are plenty of ongoing conflicts happening right now.

It can certainly happen here, but it doesn’t have to happen here. But America is NOT unique or exceptional. The far right has a toe hold and is pushing for an armed conflict since their recent coup failed. It’s not inevitable but it’s also not some throwback that only “less civilized” people engage in.


The lazy and complacent, sure.

I see I have to fire up the Nix speech, again:

Unlike the segment of people polled, I am willing to do the work today; and I know I’m not the only one.

We do NOT ‘go gentle.’


Again, I don’t mean people here… I know you lot have not given up… I’m talking about the people that answered this poll and lots of other Americans (mostly white). People believe that history is something that happens TO them, not something that they help shape… I know you don’t believe that…

Rousing speech!!!

Sad Doctor Who GIF


Basically people on the right WANT there to be a civil war, and the people on the left recognize that but can’t think of a good way to counter it.

All this comes down to Republicans losing demographically, they have been shrinking both by appealing to an older crowd and by alienating minorities. As their grip on the electorate gets threatened they have resorted to every dirty trick in the book. Civil war is just the last stop on that train.

[ETA: also, a lot of conservatives have a problem with the definition of democracy: if they get outvoted they start shouting ‘tyranny’-- nope, that’s how it works kiddo.]


I was going to say that we could be the first nation to be both a failed state and a superpower, but then I remembered Russia.

On the bright side, when things get really bad, we can still emigrate to somewhere stable and peaceful like Yemen or Somalia.


Maybe there is something about being a super power that eventually leads to failed state status… sort of like spending years trying to subjugate the majority of the world to your will is an inherently dangerous thing to do… :thinking:


I know.

Unfuck 'em, let them lay down and die then, if that’s what they choose to do.

I choose to rage against the dying of the light, until the very end.


I suspect it’s part of the reason the film it’s from didn’t do very well commercially.

Nevertheless, the message still resonates.

I refuse to just “sink.”


I’m with you.

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