New Senator from California can't explain why she didn't prosecute Trump's Treasury pick when she was AG


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Easy, she was either bought off or pressured not to do it cause reasons.


“We pursued it just like any other case.”

The fuck you did!


A Democrat?

In bed with the banks?

Impossible. Why, I have divested myself of all money and now live as a member of a bartering collective. I thought we all did?


Is it because she’s heard the word, “can’t” too many times? Has it finally overcome her integrity/honesty?

Many times in my career, I’ve heard the word “can’t.”

Kamala, you said you’re committed to social justice. You can’t be a prosecutor.

Kamala, you can’t beat an eight-year incumbent San Francisco District Attorney. It’s not your turn. It’s not your time.

The national foreclosure crisis was one of the first things that I had to tackle after my election as Attorney General. Negotiations for a national settlement started shortly after that, and I thought the amount being offered by the banks was too little. California was ground zero in our nation’s foreclosure crisis, and I thought homeowners deserved better. I fought the big banks and secured from them more than $20 billion for struggling California homeowners. Subsequently, we wrote the country’s most comprehensive package of foreclosure reforms, the California Homeowner Bill of Rights.

(From the "Meet Kamala Harris" page on her website:

She’s workin hard for you, California (and OneWest).


Keep in mind that “Lender Processing Services” was go-to foreclosure document forger during the RE bust. Servicing banks would give them incomplete documentation and SURPRISE somebody would “find” the proper endorsements to the documents, all nice and neat. This was all so obvious to everybody that they didn’t even provide “plausable” deniability.


Yup, and that ain’t the whole story neither.


As far as I can tell there are a lot of charges of not prosecuting banks from cases that have floated across Frances Grunder’s desk specifically (there are accusations the office declined to investigate WF too, and the unverified emails involved were to Frances Grunder as well). In the interest of being as fair as possible (and playing a bit of devil’s advocate) the first Intercept article is 100% accurate and fair - the AG office declined to prosecute with no public explanation why, this leaked memo shows that it was heavily recommended to go after OneWest for a seemingly slam-dunk case (signing documents for foreclosure before they were an operational bank). This one is a bit sensational, placing the blame entirely on Harris when it really was a inner office dispute. I say this despite subscribing to the quarterback theory of blame assignment, and she really should be open with what happened even if it takes her some time to put together something accurate. Her voting record will be clear pretty damn quickly under Trump’s agenda, I hope this can keep her congressional office cleaner.

As for Mnuchin’s defense, I can’t find anything to back up his spokesperson’s defense that they were compliant with OCC or that OCC has anything to do with fraudulent foreclosure investigations. I think his silence on the memo, and the ad hoc ad hom dismissal of the memo from his spokesperson is what needs a lot of pressure on it now. You can’t undo the election that Harris won, but you sure as shit can try and stop Mnuchin now.


People like Mnuchin and corporations like OneWest don’t donate large amounts to politicians in both parties because they want their cases pursued like any other.


Thanks for the update, will pass that on.

[note sarcasm]


Kamala Harris is a scumbag. This is amply demonstrated by the rampant prosecutorial misconduct in Orange County and elsewhere in California that her office not only did nothing about, but actively defended. It is also demonstrated by her ridiculous prosecution of Backpage, and this even after she admitted that the CDA prevented her from such prosecutions. But that didn’t stop her from marshaling the weight of the criminal justice system to further her political career…

She is just as bad in my book as Chris Christie, and for the same reasons.

Now California probably has the distinction of having the 2 worst democrats in the Senate.




“The Democratic Party swallowed the bait. They became hooked on big money.” Bernie Sanders


Ah, Popo - you’re posting under a different account!

Good to see you again.


The Republican slow motion coup they pulled over the last 80 years (Since the New Deal at least) is amazing in retrospect. The greatest shame of it hasn’t been the alliance with the evangelicals nor even the Southern Strategy. It’s that the Democrats went along with it because they thought they were always going to get a turn at playing with the toys. (Obama’s domestic spy network for example) In some respects I’m hoping the current control and willingness to undermine the democratic process the Repugs have shuts them out for a good long time. Not that I expect them to learn from it…


Cory seems to be operating under the mistaken impression that the claim made by those in power, that the law applies equally to everyone, is supposed to be taken seriously.


Well, Trump is also offering a position to Pam Biondi, the Florida AG he flat-out bribed to stop investigating Trump University for fraud, so this is clearly SOP for paying back the crimes.


She only goes after low hanging political fruit like Carl Ferrer, the CEO of Backpage (for fake sex trafficking charges).


Only vaguely related, but your post reminded me of this–Back in my dot com days, I worked at a somewhat prominent and prominently failing company. The executives gave us a belt-tightening motivational speech where they reminded us to watch our costs and think of the company first. They specifically told us that they all made sure to save money by flying coach, and we should do the same. Later on we found out that they actually had a chartered jet on standby 24/7.


This is a big part of it… These cases are massive and complex and you will look like a supreme idiot if you can’t convict.