Kamala Harris makes it official

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Her efforts to keep prisoners in jail as a source of cheap labor are enough to disqualify her. Disgraceful.

From the link: “California failed to fully implement the court’s order to reduce crowding, and was ordered to implement new parole programs, lawyers for Harris appealed the decision on grounds that if forced to release these inmates early, prisons would lose an important labor pool. The prisoners were earning between 8 and 37 cents per hour.[”(https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamala_Harris#cite_note-71)


Yeah, I think I’ll pass.


Is Harris better than Trump…? Is that just damning with very, very, very, very faint praise, the fainest praise, you ain’t heard praise this faint before, the faintest? #makepraisefaintagain


This pleases me. I like KH and think Joe Biden would be her choice for veep.


I think the list of former Attorneys General that I would vote for for president is pretty much Bobby Kennedy, and that’s not a sure thing.


Stumbling right out of the gate. Have the Dems not learned anything from HRC’s defeat? Don’t make the election about Trump. What will you do is what voters want to hear.


No matter the outcome she’ll shred some Repugs. Repug ‘slaw.

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I think a much better choice would be Constance L. Rice, if you’re trying for the woman/POC shakeup. Decidedly less sympathetic to cops.


Any imaginable Democratic candidate is worlds better than Trump, and almost certainly better than any imaginable Republican candidate.


Would rather see a governor run that has actually managed a state for a while. Too many senators have become TV windbags chasing the spotlight.


What I don’t get is these people were (mostly) recently elected for a certain job , and now they want to go for another one , while getting paid for their current one… but likely not doing their current job fully, because they are running for another election.

Sure, go ahead and run… but it has to be on your own time, own dime. Far too often a trip to DC or Ottawa give people ideas of grandeur and higher office.

OCA for 2020 !!


That’s the system we have set up, so we really can’t complain when people follow the rules of the system.


And no one runs for Prez without a 55 gallon drums worth of ambition.


In the Democratic primaries, sure, fight her all you like, but even then I think it would be wiser to focus on the good sides of the candidate(s) you prefer over her, rather than keep attacking her for being flawed.

However, if in 2020 it’s Kamala Harris vs. Trump in the general election, every last Democrat, progressive, leftist, or what have you better be showing up and voting for Harris, come hell or high water.


she is also a dyed-in-the-wool authoritarian who fought relentlessly to shield bad cops, prosecutorial misconduct and reactionary policies while in office — and who found it hard to explain why its decisions sometimes shielded well-connected men suspected of serious corporate crimes. It’s rare you find someone whose professional hostility to constitutional rights is so throroughly described in public record that her launch literature centers entirely on recasting her career.

With all that invective I had to double-check if she was R or D. And I also had to double-check that she wasn’t the other K. Harris.


As a Californian parent, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear about Kamala Harris is her push to punish parents of kids that miss school. As a parent of a special needs kid that has a doctor’s written release so she can take additional time to perform certain tasks, I do not appreciated being called by the school district and receiving threatening letters every time my kid is late or missing from school due to care or health reasons, or due to the district fault, like when they don’t assign a replacement aide when the special needs aide doesn’t show up.

This article describes the more significant repercussions of her policies on disadvantaged POC. Her signature initiative was one that targeted and blamed the poor and the disabled, without addressing the causes of the problem.

In Harris’ autobiography she brags about locking up poor mothers and separating them from their children for truancy. Once these mothers are arrested and held for days, they are then charged with thousands of dollars in fines that they can not pay, and ultimately end up in the prison system for the crime of simply being poor. However, when it came time to prosecute Steve Mnuchin of One West Bank for corruption around the foreclosure of over 80,000 homeowners in California, she refused to do so.

I’ll vote for her if she ends up in the Democratic ticket against any Republican opponent, but I do hope that we have better choices in the Democratic primary, so we can select a more progressive candidate.


If the DNC weren’t, well, the DNC, it would come out now and state categorically: “We take it as a given that any Democratic candidate seeking the 2020 nomination would be more suited to the Presidency of the United States than the office’s current occupant. Therefore all of them have pledged not to run on that obvious proposition, but rather on substantial issues that they think affect all Americans.”


This. There are no unicorn candidates. Fight your fights in the primary, but come the general it’s doesn’t matter who, vote blue.


She would make Wall Street happy. Like the past half dozen prezzies.

Sounds like you have a problem with (a) the democratic process (hint: ‘get in line and vote party, comrade’ ain’t in it), and (b) like you do not understand the iterative game theoretic consequence of “lesser evil” voting strategies.