New theme park ride induces vomiting by independently spinning on three different axes


Erm nothing in your story backs up this claim :thinking:


Roger That!


I would actually give that one a try. May not be any worse than the 3 axis things you can strap into and get twisted around in. While a bit disorienting since they spin about your center of gravity they don’t make you sick.


Yup! Star Trek’s 30th was held at Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. I rode that thing, and the fellow who buckled us in (one at a time - the astronaut version only holds one person!) said that you can’t get sick on it because your stomach stays in the same place.

I’m at work, so can’t watch the video to see if stomachs stay stationary as everything else moves.

I’d give it a try!


That makes no sense to me. I thought we get motion sickness because of our inner ear plumbing, not because of the stomach moving around.


Contrary to most, I am looking forward to the opportunity to give that barf-o-tron a spin later this season. I’ve noped to rides once or twice (notably to Extasy at Prater, which I kind of regret), but I’ve survived the 2-axis Topspins with nary a quease, so I’m hoping this’ll be a snap, too.


Rode on one of the one person 3-D gyros at ATX in Florida (next to Cape Canaveral). Survived it for a full minute with few ill effects, although the operator said towards the end my face was becoming alarmingly red. Your stomach does stay in one place, more or less, but your head does pivot; one piece of advice I was given is to keep your head braced against the head rest to minimize motion sickness.



'bout time someone posted that. I was literally going to look it up myself before i checked back in the thread :smiley:


I’ve never barfed on a ride to date, and by not riding this one, hope to keep that record intact.


@stinkinbadgers, you made me Google till I found it! I rode the thing 20 years ago, so you had me doubting my memory.

We end with a grim machine known as the multi-axis trainer. The three-ring gyroscope spins rapidly in different directions, disorientating you as if your craft had gone into tumbling freefall, as happened to Neil Armstrong’s Gemini 8. Imagine a downhill skier crashing head-over-heels and you get the picture. The good news is that because your stomach doesn’t move, you won’t be sick - in theory.


Legoland robot arm ride. Made me sicker than a dog in Gatlinburg


Not sure I’ve seen the movie, but a Trabant? That’s weaksauce!


Riders’ cells recorded several hours…but all wiped out!


I can’t believe there is still no six axis version of this: spinning in three axes like this, plus movement 3D space like a giant human-filament 3D printer.

This would allow flight simulators to actually give the feel of arbitrary movements. At least for a little while. Hmm I suppose the ultimate version would actually have to involve actual flight.


Assisted Vomiting


I recently visited Universal Studios Hollywood & rode the Harry Potter “Forbidden Journey” ride; while it doesn’t spin or twirl, it sort of throws you around from scene to scene, and the 3D motion is apparently so notorious for inducing motion sickness that they have large trash cans right at the exit. Sitting outside the ride is a constant stream of watching people rush outside to upchuck.

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