New threat from Sony Pictures hackers: “Remember the 11th of September 2001”

I agree. And from the language they uaed, I’m figuring the search will find some teenaged boys living in their parents basements. Who’ll then get a slap on the wrist because of their entitlement problems.

While NK is no paradise and its leaders no angels, its govt does regularly label the U.S. a rapacious empire. How many other countries have leaders willing to be that honest about the utter hypocrisy of the U.S.'s professed concerns for democracy, both at home and abroad?

These films aren’t really about NK, though, are they? They’re a convenient stand-in for China, without risking alienating an important international market.


Er, maybe, but then, NK’s Dear Leader has long been a “comedic” staple in U.S. corporate entertainment. Can’t think of a Chinese leader since Mao who’s served that profit-seeking purpose. I would include a clip from “Team America” or whatever that racist crap was called, but yeah, why spread the racism (“Pomo Orientalism”?) here.

Actually, no, I don’t think NK is standing in for China in this movie. It’s just an effort to make money, and it’s easiest to do that by falling back on tried and true but stale tropes, including whatever racist ones still don’t garner enough domestic condemnation to warrant not using them.

I think this was the editorial I read about it recently:

The Red Dawn remake was definitely switched for financial reasons. But I’m sure the Kims are just an easy target. I’m sure I remember comedy films with Gaddafi as the bad guy in the 80s.

Thanks, I see what you mean now. But yeah, I agree that it’s more that the Kims are an easier-to-ridicule target (than that China’s leaders are a dangerous target), and the more that’s done, the easier (and lazier) it is to do it again.

Yeah, it’s not like any studio in the US has ever made a movie about an assassination of the president etc…

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And the worst part is that it seems to be working; this morning I’m seeing news reports of the film being pulled from theaters in NYC and across the Carmike chain.

You find their honesty to be refreshing?

I think of it as a cheap shot.

Why even claim to have ideals? You’re obviously not living up to them.

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No, not refreshing, given, as you pointed out, the utter hypocriscy of the source. Still, by the standard you quoted, pretty much no one could condemn anything or anyone else. And I think it sucks that, as with various groups now commonly and simplistically labeled “terrorists,” the caricature overshadows any counter-common-sense truths they utter.

I just wish my country could say, with honesty and conviction.

We don’t torture, and neither should you.

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#Actually, it’s about ethics in hacking journalism.


Me too. And I also wish it could say,

We’re a rapacious, resource-extracting de facto empire that uses torture as just one of many practices that we routinely condemn when others use them. We know that’s all wrong, we’re sorry, and we’re going to start scaling back now.


Look, everyone, I just figured it out. English as Second Language, slang and translation difficulties.

What they’re really saying is “Never forget!” That’s no big deal, I see it on bumper stickers all the time.

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It’s a hollow proclamation. No way I’d throw down so much dough for something I’ll be getting from the local library in a few months. (Maybe not. Depends on the reviews.)

Rest assured, I’ll proudly declare my patriotic defiance in a tweet or some such brutal instrument of war.

If the theaters won’t carry it, Sony should just release it online themselves. NK can’t bomb everyone who streams it…

Putting aside that it is only one example among many that directly contradicts your hand wringing foreboding of what would happen if anyone dared to make a comedy film about assassinating a sitting US President, you would argue that the tone of satire is it’s context?

That’s a lil “out there”.

But hey, the terrorists won, I’m sure they appreciated your support. /s

It feels like you had three or four different thoughts here, and instead of writing them in a way that would make sense and I could respond to, you just Kerouac’d them with poor grammar and hit reply. And then loosely tied what I said to supporting terrorism to put the final chill on any conversation.

You’ve definitely learned from the best of the chan crowd when it comes to Internet debating.

I thought it was more like they were collecting pennies for the guy their twin-towers model.

Remember remember the Eleventh of September
Airplanes, terror and plot.
I see no reason why Airplane Terror
Should ever be forgot…


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