New U.S. Department of Health spokesman deletes racist rant from Twitter

Wow, all these negative comments! Did you read the headline?

New U.S. Department of Health spokesman deletes racist rant from Twitter

With a Trump appointee, we know there’s gonna be a racist rant on Twitter, so the only other option was “defends racist rant on Twitter.”

This is good news! /s

If you need me, I’ll be day-drinking for the rest of this presidency


March 11: … Media literacy is more vital now than ever. Question everything - smell the BS

Credit where it’s due, he and I agree on at least one point.


Are you implying he has a checkered past?


If I didn’t want people to think I was a septic hog’s anus, I’d be less concerned about mere racist tweets and more concerned about news stories accusing me of working for Turmp on purpose


I’m just saying my expectations are so low that someone who is merely under-qualified would be a relief.

I do have faith that the Trump administration will have properly vetted the guy to make sure he is either about to be indicted or has a series of nasty social media posts somewhere. They have standards to uphold!


Sometimes they are not fast enough.


It’s a bit off topic, but apparently the whole labradoodle thing started in Australia with guide digs bred for people with severe allergies. So “Australian Labradoodle” is the formal name.

They’re also so closely associated with sketchy, abusive breeding practices and genetic shit show ill health that the Australian guide dog guy who kick the whole thing off says it’s his biggest regret in life.

So of course Trump hired a labradoodle breeder.


@bryan and @alahmnat

I crossed a line with this reply that I shouldn’t have crossed. I conflated the racist, partisan rhetoric of the new head of HHS with the efforts of the entire organization. That’s unfair to the many people @ HHS who are trying to do vital work under impossible circumstances.

Reply withdrawn.


So what’s the big deal? The president chose an unqualified racist twitter-troll who knows nothing about health and human services to be the spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services. Sounds like a typical Trump pick to me.

And aren’t we missing the bigger story? George Soros required a pandemic for his political agenda!


Too soon.

I hope.

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Honestly, I hesitated before I hit “Reply”; I wouldn’t want to give them any ideas.

I think I’m probably too late though.

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FTFY. I realize it’s difficult to write antonyms to uphold, superb etc.

I feel that the verb form of ‘trump’ will soon be commonly accepted as antonyms of those and so many other words.




@beschizza you forgot to add the “Brownshirts” tag to this post.

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aaah, i did not know that. the distinction is kind of weird since they didn’t breed the dogs with a natively Australian breed. I remember how he was saying that these dogs are just nuts. Having said that, I prefer mutts to purebreds.

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YES, I knew that smirk reminded me of someone

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Checkers! I’m still laughing.

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Trump is trying for the “meets or exceeds expectations vote” and to win this, he needs to lower everyone’s expectations of competence. That way, the Democrats will be forced into praying for a disaster beyond imagination. Checkmate!

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There’s plenty of weirdness in “Australian” dog breeds.

For example, the “Australian Shepherd”…


…is basically unheard of in Australia. Actual Australian herding dogs tend to look like this: