Sam Clovis, Trump's pick for USDA chief scientist, called progressives 'race traders' and 'race traitors' online


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And his qualifications for the job are . . . likes food? Takes lots of prescription meds?


described black political figures as “race traders,” and said then-President Obama was a “Maoist”

Are we sure he didn’t mean “■■■■■”

Oh, how perfect that the word is blocked. Thank you PTB! People really do have strong feels about that kind of inflammatory rhetoric, glad you’re staying a step ahead!


My money is on “likes food.”


…that he agrees with Trump & Friends that “mud people” need to be kept under the boot.




His radio show was called “Impact with Clovis?” [shudder]
Cannot unsee that visual.




You’re not helpin’ here.


I think that “race traders” must be the most telling Freudian slip I have read in a long time.

Hardly! It would be perfect if people conducted themselves with the self discipline to refrain from reflexively reacting to attempts to “inflame” them. It’s one matter to know that somebody is trying to provoke a certain emotional reaction from one, and another entirely to take their bait and do it when one knows better. Allies who tend toward the reactionary seem like a liability who need to be clued in if they are to help.


Clovis could be a total flake with a penchant for knapping, but he could also be flinty and on point. Time and the permanent record will tell us what tribe the Chief is in.



Sounds like a personal problem, I try to avoid those!


“All of his reporting either on the air or in writing over the course of his career has been based on solid research and data. He is after all an academic.”

oh so NOW it’s OK to be part of the academic elite?


Supposedly this fine gentleman is going to head the USDA even though the job description explicitly asks for a SCIENTIST with relevant experience… w.t.f.

And now this? How is this not immediately disqualifying? The man cannot spell the word “traitor” correctly.

Weapons grade dumb.

edited cuz I am dumb! thx Mr Murphy ya bastage!


Not picking on you, but it’s called Muphry’s Law.


Is ‘Clovis’ an assumed name? Clovis 1 – uniter of the Franks, founder of Merovingian France – is not as revered in white-supremacist circles as Charles Martel, but he’s not unknown.


After such a mammoth hunt for a qualified person, surely they could have done better than this brownchert.


I think you are missing the subtleties of this fine gentleman’s rhetoric. He distinguishes between “race traitors” – i.e. white persons who turn away from their racial destiny of conquest and domination, towards ideas of equality and justice – and “race traders”, i.e. non-white persons who exploit ideas of equality and justice (trading on white guilt) so as to steal a place in society to which they’re not entitled.

Bags I not be the one to examine him for swastika tattoos.


At risk of derailing the discussion, I have so many questions now!

I’m all curious what the word is since it has only five letters, the one I assumed has 6.

And what is PTB?

And why isn’t it smart enough to detect dashes, e.g. n-i-g-g-e-r, or even other racially charged words, such as kike, wetback, wop etc?