Sam Clovis, Trump's pick for USDA chief scientist, called progressives 'race traders' and 'race traitors' online


I also wondered what word it might be! I never seem to have typed a forbidden word here.

Except “askes” (wink!)


Like all those climate scientists.

Fuck me sideways.


Gah! I must be an idiot, I don’t know what that is meant to be either! :sob:

(Unless it was really a typo for “asks”?)


touché my friend touché!
or as we Uhmerkins say: D’oh!


Wait a minute…wasn’t that the guy who fought with two axes and never cut his beard?


PTB are the powers that be, and if you remove the ‘a’ you will have your inflammatory word.


Its a certain word beloved by the alt right. Referring to the male partner put out by adultery.

Least ways last this came up that was the only word on the block list. It sounded less like the word itself being banned, than the mods were using the banned word list as a kind of primitive auto flag. The way it was described it sounds like conversations where that word comes up so often need mod attention or end up flagged. That just boxing the damn thing was the most efficient way to stay on top of it and keep the forums clean.


Zelig channels Roger Ailes?


it really isn’t.

I don’t know how to put this.

This is maybe the 10th time on this board you’ve replied in ‘clarification’ of something I’ve said, making assumptions and mind reading or whatever, and you’re uniquely untalented at it. Could you consider not?

  1. Vocal racist
  2. Science denier
  3. Conspiracy theorist
  4. Ignoramus
  5. Blowhard
  6. Academic

It’s true! He is after all an academic!


I made a guess based on the one word I knew to be on the block list, which was at one point described by Rob as the only word on the block list. But its been a few weeks since i paid attention to the issue… Which is why i qualified that guess in the very next sentence.


Kinda off topic but,

Holy fuck socks


Actually I think they were looking for this century’s Captain Kangaroo (and race warrior.)


Oh Missouri? Not surprised at all.


No. Really? Is that a joke?


Wow. I must have missed something.


Don’t you mean Trumpistanians?


“it is” not “it could be”

but it ain’t, but only I could say.

I’m right here, you can ask. Someone did, I answered.

I mention it to you only in case you’re unawares of your arrogation.





“The white race cannot survive without dairy products.” Or in the case of Clovis, cheeseburgers.