New Wave auteur Jean-Luc Goddard, RIP

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Adieu m’sieur


Tout à fait exact.



That really sucks. Farewell, Jean-Luc I hope it’s nice wherever you are now that you’re truly Bande à part.


Finally out of the traffic jam.

Vimeo Link of full one-shot


AlphaVille is a movie for Happy Mutants. It is worth the watch with a set of friends, beverages and other pleasant things.

One of my favorite experiences in life was watching Alphaville with my future spouse while on a mini-vacation. It was my birthday and we drove to L.A. to stay in China Town and explore the city, one that I knew mostly as a child. One evening, while walking around once familiar grounds that had changed, as all things do, over time, we came across a non-profit setting up chairs under paper lanterns with unfrosted bulbs. The Los Angeles Public School is a terrible name for easy search-ability, but their wonderful mission mission is to be, “a space for radical communal self-education. It is free and open to [to everyone]” They were showing AlphaVille in the middle of the night, for free, on the closed streets of China Town, as it rained intermittently and warm breeze blew over us. It was a surreal moment. I had never seen Alphaville, nor even knew of it’s existence, and in the most pleasant of weather with my love, I got to see a film that is etched in my memory for all it’s bizarreness and film noir style.

The film is weird, wonderful, and really worth watching with friends if you like sci-fi, cautionary tales, or art-house films. It seemed very David Lynch-esk, and still does to my mind.

The voice of the computer Alpha 60 is as memorable as Majel Barrett’s voice of Star Trek’s Federation computers, Harlan Jay Ellison voicing the computer in B5, or Douglas Rain voiceing the Hal 9000 computers voice. - The voice of Alphaville’s computer alone is a reason to watch the movie.

Edit to add: I’ll take any other Goddard film recommendations or recommendations for films from anywhere in the world as odd and thought provoking.


My favorite Godard, King Lear:

No, I don’t really understand it.

ETA: Let’s throw this one in as well:

Bought this once for about $4 from K-Mart (along with Glen or Glenda.)


Not reported here, but the BBC just noted that he took his own life in Switzerland - assisted suicide.



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