Reissue of stunning soundtrack to 1973 science fiction film La Planète Sauvage (1973)


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God I love that movie.


Absolutely bizarre, wonderful film with some albeit heavy-handed symbolism, but still really effective and unsettling. Just a fun trivia point: In a throwaway scene from the almost equally bizarre film “The Cell”, the main character Catherine (Jennifer Lopez) unwinds by sparking up a joint and watching La Planete Sauvage.


A friend had a group of us watch this movie. It’s definitely avantguarde weirdness at its best. There’s just no real way to describe this movie to someone who hasn’t seen it, and the art style is something that perfectly fits the era it came from. I’m not sure i would recommend this movie to most people, i think it’s the sort of movie you make unsuspecting people watch.


I learned the other week that this film used cut-out animation, but there was no articulation and each figure was drawn individually for each frame.


The only reason I still have a VHS player is because I own this film on tape.


There was a version of this movie on Google Video (before it fell to YouTube) with a different soundtrack, really odd electronica inspired by the movie. I miss Google Video.

I remember watching this as a kid. It must be my first psychedelic experience.

Btw, I prefer Time Masters by the same director.

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One of the best soundtracks of all time, really wonderful and unique atmosphere, perfectly suited to the film as well.

I sort of know the film as it was aired on Night Flight back in the day in a severely truncated form, I’m going to have to re-visit that.

as for the music, to hear that it has been sampled by Dilla and Madlib surprises me not one bit, it has those two cats’ style written all over it. very nice.

another by Dilla in a similar idiom

I caught the US theatrical release of this back in the mid-1970s after reading about it in some science fiction or animation publication. Then I spent two years living in southern France in the early '80s and it was nothing like the film. NOTHING!


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