New York mob boss whacked for first time since 80s


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Lenny Briscoe: Looks like the standard mob boss retirement plan kicked in. . .anybody in the neighborhood not see anything, as usual?


Have they tried dragging the east river? Cause that is probably where it is now.




We’ll take the “Shocked / Well Not That Shocked” meme as assumed.


Anybody know where Michael Cohen was?


Also, last week the Colombo family boss died in prison. Interesting times.


Well, they don’t call it ‘overkill’ for nothing, I guess.


Compared to the current administration, a Mob hit seems like a quaint, reassuring throwback.


There is no “overkill.” There is only “Open fire” and “Reload.”


Don’t know if you’re ‘joking’ or being sarcastic; not actually interested in finding out.

Good day.


“It’s your professionalism that I respect!”


Absent an actual orbital nuke, I guess it’s the only way to be sure.



I’m sure it wasn’t “personal.”

(/s, in case there is any doubt)


You can actually read Cheryl’s accent in that GIF :grin:


Yet still, Rasputin persists!


Just a citation from the classics.


It’s an old fav of mine.

Her facial expression conveys my sentiments perfectly.


Did someone actually write that unironically? Do they know who the President is?