New York mob boss whacked for first time since 80s


They could have also given him cyanide-laced cakes, and cyanide-laced wine, and then shot him, and then shot him again, and then thrown his bound body in a river.



Off topic, but I feel like every time I hear Maria Bartiromo talk these days it stabs my heart a little because Joey Ramone wrote that song about his infatuation with her (on the album he recorded right before he passed away)… I think the story was he was getting into the stock market in those last few years and she was doing business news.


Adios Franky Boy, say hello to Dapper Don for us.


Better or worse than all the otherwise decent people who were infatuated with Christopher Hitchens?


I like the classics, “Hung, drawn and quartered, buried, dug up and shot!”


New York mob boss whacked for first time since 80s

Well of course? We have a Mafia Don in the white house now!!!




Hmph, I first read you tag as Jim Caroll.

I don’t think so…


Putting the todt in Todt Hill…


It says “dozen spell shell casings” I think it means “spent shell casings” but I like the idea of a Mob boss being cut down by magic spells. That come in casings.


They probably remembered the scene where Vito Corleone gets shot five times but later pulls through.


That’s more a Chicago thing.



Who’d they think he was? Rasputin?


I keenly wish to know whether: he was whacked by a rival mob or by ambitious cuthroats in his own organization (a la Gotti). The members in all the various mobs themselves probably all know what the beefs were at the time of the hit and who stood the most to benefit. Everyone knew Gotti was the culprit when Castellano was gunned down. Why doesn’t the media clue us in as to the lowdown?


So… shot eight times, 16 holes in the body, and 12 shell casings. MmmmK .


“It’s a very significant event and shows that the Italian-American Mafia is still active.”

I would contend that Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali is the exception that proves the rule.


Have you ever had to deal with a … spelling Nazi? Trust me – don’t ever.


Police on Thursday were searching for a blue pickup truck that fled the bloody scene

Sad. In the good ol’ days the vehicle would have been a Lincoln Continental.

PS: If nothing else, this’ll give me a platform from which to razz my niece and her hubby. They live on Staten Island… because… safe.


I took that to mean they shot at him 12 times and hit him 8, with each bullet creating an entrance wound and an exit wound for a total of 16 holes in the body.