New York mob boss whacked for first time since 80s


I’m ready for the flood of trashy books capitalizing on speculation starting in the next month or two. Find them at an airport near you!


When you think “assassination by handgun,” think Lincoln!™


New York mob boss whacked for first time since 80s

So, he like, came back to life when they whacked him in the 80s then?


“I took that to mean they shot at him 12 times and hit him 8, with each bullet creating an entrance wound and an exit wound for a total of 16 holes in the body”.

I think I’ve been through this discussion somewhere before… but does shooting a body all the way through, create one hole or two? :slight_smile:


You misspelled the front kiosk in Barnes & Noble…


I guess one could safely say 16 holes in his skin at any rate.


Well, topologically, isn’t it just one hole?


The skin is pierced twice. That, and lining up each entry with each exit wound is a chore. Also, in theory, there could have been some shots that made no exit wound. So I shan’t worry too much about it.


I do suspect that he was an extremely unpleasant person.




And Lincoln carpet for the cleanup after!


On the behalf of all of us on Staten Island, we just have to say, “Hey! Fuggeddaboudit! Where’s the gabbagool?”.


Well, it’s probably better accuracy than the cops would have managed.


Only twelve rounds, so we know he was white.

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