San Antonio cop fired after shooting innocent teen who was just eating a burger in a McDonalds car lot

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fucker thinks it is ok to shoot to kill because maybe kid fled other day. fucking trigger happy - the kid was right to run!!!


JESUS F*CKING CHRIST! Judge Dredd exists IRL in TX, apparently.

Fired, yeah that’s a start. Fined, imprisoned and sued for everything he’s got or will have would be almost about right, too.


An important point here is that he was a new cop, still on his probationary period. So he was easy to fire. San Antonio PD can now say “look, we fired a trigger-happy cop” when the reality is that if this had happened 12 months on he’d have cop-union protection and the Blue Wall surrounding him. He was an easy sacrifice.

There’s no indication that he’s lost his cop-certification, so he can easily turn up on another PD force in a few months.


The city will not defund the police. Through their poor training and unsuitability to be officers, the cop’s lawsuits will defund the city as the city become uninsurable!


“Shots fired! Shots fired!” (…by cop)


Skipping over the abuse of power here …

This is just stupid fucking procedure. He SAYS the car is a flight risk and instead of pulling up in his CAR and blocking the car in place (that low slung vehicle is NOT jumping the curb in front), he decides to walk up, yank open a door, scare the crap out of a kid and get a knee jerk reaction from the kid.

Even IF the kid was deliberately trying to run, a simple box maneuver with the big cop SUV would have made this a non-issue!


and there is where i see a major issue with american police, training. instead of thinking through the situation he just played it out like a video game, shoot first, ask questions and lie in your report later.


He didn’t follow procedure because he wanted to murder someone.

And he was taught how not to follow procedure because most cops in America are psychopaths.


Clearly this shows how the San Antonio police need more money for enhanced gun training and more money for full body armor and more money for, oh, I don’t know, maybe military armored vehicles for every cop…with a gun turret on top.

That’s the ticket.


When I’m hanging out in my car like this, I try to remember to keep my doors locked. My reason has been that I don’t want to be an easy target for bad guys. Like this one.

Looks to me like the kid dropped the gearshift into reverse just after the cop swung the driver side door open. That’s good in-the-moment thinking. It’s not in the footage, but the “car” could have bumped the copper with the open door as it was rolling backward, but it’s a stretch to make it seem like the cop was struck by the vehicle in some kind of intentional manner.

It would be good to know more of the backstory. Was this in fact the car that evaded this rookie cop? Was it this kid who did the evading? What was the car and its driver doing that called for it being stopped previously? What finally happened to the kid?


In this hot job market, that cop will probably be employed at another department by Monday.

Although I sure hope I’m wrong.


Fired into the sun, I hope?


Don’t be distracted by the issues that the police attempt to evade culpability with.


These kinds of events indicate the “brave men in blue” are really just scared shitless all the time.


Dude was never in danger, and definitely not when he was perpendicular to the car, shooting into the driver side, and doubly not so when he was driving away.


When the tool that you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. In this case, when your go-to solution is always a gun…and the powerful desire to dominate…hot lead will fly in every direction.


Now that we’ve stated the main points…eating McDonald’s should be a crime. :man_shrugging:

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So, this Cop doesn’t identify himself, just yells “Get out of the car!”; and then doesn’t appear to check his sight picture before emptying a mag in to the car as it heads away to a thoroughfare*. If there hadn’t been any video, it would have all been down to the cop’s word, and he would have walked away, scot-free, to attempt to murder again. All the best to the victim; and I hope he gets a large settlement.


They should have hired a supervisor to watch this probationary rookie. Why was he allowed to cowboy off on his own? Why would he approach a supposedly dangerous suspect without backup? None of it makes sense.