Newly completed Ramones song, S.L.U.G., released ahead of Road to Ruin reissue


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the first time we’re hearing a fully-realized version

The Ramones were an integral part of my formative years. I loved them dearly. Having said that, I’m not sure I would have described any of their music as “fully-realized.”


“This track in not available in your country”
What year is this?


I’ve an idea for someone that’s not me.
A Ramones song writing AI.



4th album marked the start of their decline. this sounds like a pastiche of some of their other songs, notable end of the century. clear why it was a outtake.


Ah, Professor James Moriarty! The nemesis of Sherlock Ramone!




Welcome to the BBS, comrade.


Had the same problem.


According to the March 1984 Issue of K-Power, S.L.U.G was written for an article in the kid’s computer magazine, “Program Along with Joey Ramone”. It is on pg. 27 - .


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