News clip about coronavirus patient is quite a journey

Rumors of his death were greatly exjackerated.


Is “Clapped out” an exclusively UK idiom? To say someone was clapped out (here) means they are on their last legs, about to expire. To hear an American say it in a news broadcast makes my flesh creep.


Yes, had the very same thought! From the context I guess they mean “people clapped for him as he walked out (of the hospital)” but you’re right, it’s creepy!

And in fact may have contributed to the newsreader’s mistake…


Did anyone else notice this whole segment is beat-for-beat the Friends subplot where Ross learns that his monkey “got sick, then he got sicker, then he got better, then he died”, and later the zoo custodian tells him the monkey didn’t die?

It’s also a little dissonant how she refers to it as a “success story” at the end. Like TV news can’t really process the idea of something that isn’t a matter of local people’s spuck, glunk and pumption.


He could survive the virus, but he couldn’t survive the cartoonishly large safe falling onto him, mere seconds after he left the hospital.

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Hallelujah! He is risen!

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Jack Offs Jesus!

Film at 11.

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Reminds me of this


Maybe they should shoop the “Bates” on his shirt to “Baits.”



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An ACME safe.

Seeing as he’s from Bates, he’s dead to me! Signed, Colby Grad. (please PLEASE don’t make me add sarcasm indicator)

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