Newscasters' purple preference during elections


Non-partisan yeah, it’s pretty easy in a two-party system that fucks you either way. I mean, I’ve got a preference but it often disappoints by being so easily shouted down, watered down & shut down by a gaggle of crazy-eyes & hillbillies, or bought off by the same crew that buys the others off.

Up here in Canuckistan it would be harder to do that with the Blue, Red, Orange & Green, (although you could still just blend the Blue & Red as often happens anyway) but we have this guy who at least tries, or more likely suffered some debilitating shots to the head.


I actually watched the biopic on Grapes, and he made his first wackadoodle suit out of upholstery fabric. I think he must still, otherwise there’s not much accounting for the floral pattern suits (he’s got at least three). And then there’s this Austin Powers number:

Coach’s Corner, the best part of Saturday night!

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I would vote for that suit.
(ETA: @IronEdithKidd - I’m far from a monarchist, but I would gladly accept that suit as my rightful and revered king)


All your sanity and wits, they will all vanish, I promise. It’s just a matter of time.


If I ever start my own political party it’ll be the Purple Party.

Purple of anitquity
Short amalgamation on color. . . Importance of purple/violet goes back some 4000 years. Probably much further but history is what has been read I suppose. Trade of dyes went through specific avenues before the days of color on demand. In the US most things political point to Rome with the color purple for Emperors, magistrates and such. Tyrian Purple was a product of murex snails cooked over extended periods. Pliny the Elder speaks of the ideal process for extraction. Turns out this form of purple is an organic semiconductor. Tyrian Purple becomes brighter with sunlight and weathering. The prismatic visible spectrum has purple and violet near one edge. In many diaspora purple has a certain weighted expression. Violet represents the Crown Chakra among things. But heh I like purple, do you? Back to the matter of the day, politics.

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“Purple is a range of hues of color occurring between red and blue.”

IOW, ‘we are not showing a preference for a particular party – we are neutral’.
So, of course The Salamander – I mean The Newt – would get on board w/ that, using this as yet another method to deceive people while he hides his actual agenda in influencing people.

I was trying to explain the very interesting history of purple to my daughter the other day. I got told to stop being so boring. Honestly, I despair for the future.

That collar looks straight out of Goodfellas

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I beg you to reconsider.


There were these ass-hats, too:

I used to live in the constituency Kilroy-Silk targetted (although he didn’t doorstep me) - I guess he was concentrating on Ilkeston (a place I can imagine where a party like that would hope to pick up lots of votes - see the success of BNP in recent elections).

I’d forgotten about Kilroy.

I wish that brain bleach was a real thing now.

Remember when he went all mental about UFOs?

You inform people against their will, don’t you?

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