Orange-American John Boehner rents home from tanning industry lobbyist


Are you kidding me!?


This is exactly why we need more transparency in government. You know what they say, “ultraviolet tanning lamps are the best disinfectant.”


How is there not a liquor lobbyist in there somewhere?

With all the smoking and tanning, I don’t get why his face isn’t like dried up leather…

Orange you glad politics is so open & honest?

All of the tears…


I. . . I honestly don’t know.

Sites that kind of satirize, but print things which are also almost plausible, are getting increasingly common. Just reading the site, I genuinely can’t tell if it’s meant to be news or the Onion.

Wikipedia suggests that the site is probably not meant to be humour.

I do know that some people are pretty pissed off about the budget deal. This may be a hit piece in response to that. Or maybe it’s not. I can’t tell anymore.

FACT: John Boehner’s tears are a great source of Vitamin C.


John Boehner’s skin tone may be due to medication or a medical condition like hemochromatosis, as may his displays of emotional lability under stress.

Or he could have the hide and emotional lability of a salt-water croc…

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I probably could have included the quotation marks.

“Are you kidding me?!”

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It was apparently founded by Tucker Carlson, one of the newest Fox News hires. Judging by the rest of the tripe in “popular” there I think they’re either a failing at the joke part or maybe just the headlines are a massive snark fail, but they’re not getting my pageviews to go check them out further.

And here I thought his ancestors had worked in a candy factory.


Many years ago, when I was working as a tool of the military-industrial complex, I had to get a security clearance. Among other data it wanted (like everywhere I’d lived in the last N years, and whether I belonged to any Communist-influenced organizations), it wanted race, and they actually listed the choices of race as colors, so Asian was listed as “yellow”. I waffled about which color of Irish to pick, green or orange, and I think I chose the latter. Bureaucrats crossed it out and wrote “white” anyway; apparently they’re not set up for Orange-Americans.

(I’m not actually culturally Irish; the last Irish immigrant on my father’s side came over in 1805, and we’ve got more English and Scottish than Irish. But it seemed the appropriate way to respond to that nonsense.)


second row, second from left… nice tie.

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Kinda clashes with his face…

pops, doesn’t it?

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