Newsweek: "Trump either knows exactly what Flynn said, or he is incompetent"


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Of course he does and yes he is.


Why does it have to be either/or?




“Trump either knows exactly what Flynn said, or he is incompetent”

Spoiler alert: Both


Is that allowed?


Well let’s not be hasty, boys. Take all the time you need, until after the election. Wouldn’t want to influence any voters…


I don’t think think Trump understands the distinction. We may need to commission a 3rd grade level book on the matter with lots of pictures for him.


Exactly! Enough of the scarcity mindset. It can be both/and!


I hate the movie “Forrest Gump”, but I gotta say “stupid is as stupid does” certainly applies here.

Trump’s stupidity goes back decades, and that’s what led him to being a pawn of Putin, and why he would lie about what he knows.

So yes, “why not both” indeed.


This is an example of the rare case of surveillance being applied correctly:
Surveil the powerful,
Protect the privacy of the weak

Still working on that second part though.


Will pictures hold his attention if they are not of himself?


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