Next week, a US House subcommittee is holding a public hearing on UFOs

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I hope there will be a hearing on Unicorns next. They are a threat.


Maybe just this once let Marge Space Laser Greene onto a subcommittee?

For the entertainment factor.

Or not.


Finally, members of congress focusing on the truly important issues. /s


So … what hellish thing are they anticipating/orchestrating that needs that batshit level of “ooo, look at this shiny thing over here” distraction?


More importantly, sometime within the next week there is supposed to be a report out on our treatment of native people’s* and the horrific “schools” we slammed their children into to try and force them to assimilate, similar to what Canada has been going through recently. Stay tuned, because the racists are going to scream bloody murder about it and claim it’s a “distraction” while they try to distract eyeballs away.

*Not quite sure what the preferred terminology is these days, but I heard “indigenous people” was out, so please correct me if anyone has more current advice on how to refer to the people who were here before colonization.


Well, “Unidentified Equines.” [Spoiler: they’ll all turn out to be horses.]


ZOMG LOL My BF works at a nearby university, and the staff are clearing everything out of one of the campus buildings. He wound up in a weird little area of the library, where some old children’s books had been stored in preparation for an awards ceremony that took place almost 20 years ago, along with some other rather odd books.

Being unable to tolerate seeing perfectly good books rot away with neglect, or get trashed, he brought home some of them.

One he chose is titled True UFO Accounts [from the Pages of FATE Magazine].

He doesn’t bring home a UFO book every day, nor does BoingBoing run a daily UFO tale. Nice that y’all synched up tonight. tophat-biggrin

I see both native peoples and indigenous peoples as terms commonly used without issue.

…with carrots on their noses.
I can’t remember for the life of me where it came from, but I remember a story in which a horse kept insisting he was a unicorn, and everyone else kept telling him, “You’re not a unicorn! You’re a horse with a carrot on your nose!”

This is of course completely inaccurate. Any horse or pony would eat the carrot before it could be affixed to her/his nosie.


SCOTUS has entered the chat…

@cepheus42: First Nations in Canada, it’s starting to be adopted in the US, but I’m not sure how widespread usage is yet beyond US/Canada border cities. And the report was released today, full of much of the same horrors as Canada’s reports.


For the analogy to hold true, only very, very rarely would it even be that convincing. Mostly, just horses. Except for the “unidentified equines” that aren’t even horses. Like donkeys. Or paintings of horses. Or vaguely horse-shaped bales of hay…


You have got to be kidding. With everything else going on… aliens? Fucking aliens? A clear distraction from malice and ineptitude and and lip service to all of the Q nuts. Dumbest timeline indeed. Unless the aliens here to rid us of MAGA I don’t care.


Great, perhaps they can discuss how, despite 70 years of incredible improvement in cameras, radar, LiDAR, computer tracking systems, etc, the evidence is still the same blurry blobs. Of course, the answer is because they aren’t fucking real but nobody ever likes that answer. I’ll go back into my cave now before the UFO nuts show up in this thread, as they inevitably do.


What do you mean? Those are definitely real blobs! That we can’t identify* (because they’re just blobs). So they’re totally “UFOs” (except in the cases where they’re instrument artifacts and not actually objects, much less flying ones).

*Ok, we probably could identify a good chunk of them, but the amount of effort required to get the answer of “that’s likely a bird,” or “that’s most probably a balloon” or “that’s definitely a bit of debris inside the camera” really isn’t worth it.


Oh, hells no… call her up as a witness & have her explain about those lasers.


Everyone knows they are just horny horses.

I’ll get me coat…

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Fear of zombies is at an all-time high!

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It’s complicated. In Canada, First Nations excludes the Métis and the Inuit, by definition. Aboriginal or Indigenous is inclusive, and the latter currently seems to be preferred, but the best answer is to keep listening and use what they want.


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