Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek's Uhura, suffered stroke

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Coming on the heels of Leonard Nimoy’s death earlier this year, this just gave me a little chill… be well, Lt. Uhura.


This is the part where we go find the nuclear vessels, and then race to administer futuristic neurotreatment before those 20th century hacks have a chance to butcher the job, right?


I met her at Chattacon many years ago. She’s the nicest person ever.


Here is to a quick and complete recovery.
All the best.

And another hat tip to also-very-classy Leonard Nimoy for fighting for equal pay for the redoubtable Lt. Uhura.
Many fond memories, many best wishes, many fans, many people love you. What better way to live a life?

fuzzy, I think you mis-pronounced that it’s “wessels”


Lt. Uhura, get Spock on the com.

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And on the way we give a dialysis patient a pill so she grows a new kidney.

For some of us, though, they’re nuclear wessels.

Get well soon Ms. Nichols.

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I grew up in a time when people of color were not the rare exception on television. I know in large part, I have Ms. Nichols to thank for blazing that trail. She’s a brave woman who inspired so many other actors to follow.

May her recovery be complete and swift.

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Healing frequencies open.



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