Nigel Farage applying for German citizenship?

You couldn’t make it up…(unless someone did)

Nigel Farage was spotted queuing up at the German Embassy and refused to deny he was applying for German citizenship.

Also, WTF is up with that moustache?


It’s a good thing that Germany isn’t part of the EU, or boy would he look dumb.


His wife is German, so there’s a suggestion this relates to dual-nationality for his kids. I find it totally believable that he would want to retain his own freedom of movement anyway and not give a flying fuck about the total hypocrisy it would represent. Seems entirely in keeping with the man.


Am I a bad person for hoping that some of Germany’s xenophobes will have enough of a sense of humor to condemn this filthy immigrant’s attempt to take their jobs(after already having taken one of their women!)?


A clever disguise?

Didn’t I hear that his wife is German, back during the whole Brexit run up?

You answered that like two comments down… sorry.

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