Nigeria: Satellite images show horrific scale of recent Boko Haram massacre


Only 150? I suppose the rest of them are pining for the fjords? How horrible when governments run cover for death squads.

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When do they send in the mercenaries?

I don’t know about mercenaries, but generate a rumor that there’s oil in that country and half the countries in the world will be volunteering troops to “stabilize” the region.

No rumour needed. Nigeria is a very oil rich country.
Nigeria’s proven oil reserves are estimated by the U.S. United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) at between 16 and 22 billion barrels

The calculus of small lives… How many rural villagers does it take to equal a tasteless French political cartoonist?


never equals . White French Cartoonist is one of OURS - brown and black people in Nigeria are disposable people and we can’t do anything about them anyways . :frowning: … so the non- logic goes

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