Night Vale shorts that say "Creepy" on the butt


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Now I know what to get Pescovitz for Christmas.


What if people already know we’re creepy?


Night Vale haunts me. Not because it haunts me, but because it’s totally the kind of thing that I would usually “get” when no one else does, but it’s actually the thing that every one else gets and I just can’t come to appreciate despite really, really trying.

Also, run on sentences rock.


I know models and photoshoots are expensive, but couldn’t they at least try to make the photoshopped addition of text to blank black pants look real? Just the angle matching the waistline’s would be a simple start.


I totally know what you mean! Every so often I try it again and every time I keep wondering what I’m missing that everyone else has fallen in love with.


Are we sure that this is supposed to refer to the wearer and not the reader?


And somehow, they are still not as creepy as the ones that say “juicy” on the butt. Huh.


Does that mean that the shorts creep up into your crack?


Could be worse. Could be thongs in kids sizes with “Jacob” or “Edward” emblazoned on the front. Now that’s creepy.


Well, I know a few dudes who would be perfectly okay wearing a thong with Jacob or Edward’s name on the front.

Wait, wait wait. Kid’s sizes???


Is this a Jedward thing?


That picture was taken at the height of the Twilight craze at a store that only sold Twilight merchandise (not in Forks, but in nearby Port Angeles that was also featured in the books).


Ah. I don’t know from Twilight. I was thinking this Jedward, who are a UK-specific phenomenon


Creepier is what they done to the shape, and probably the color, of what I guess is a woman’s legs. Reminds me of this TEDx talk promotional image:


It reminds me of the surreal weirdness of “Firesign Theater”. I used to listen to that as a kid.


Now I want to see his-and-hers that say “Creppy” and “Spoopy” on them.


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