Nikki Haley won't kill you for having an abortion

She may be wrong on the details, but she is right on the idea of a compromise.
Here’s the right balance:

Abortion is safe, legal, and covered by medical insurance. The only people who face jail time related to abortion are those who interfere with someone else’s right to have one.

AND, no one who doesn’t want one is forced to have one.


Her answer was very careful to only focus on pregnant women. She avoids the major tact the GOP has taken - criminalizing anyone who helps her. By Texas law, if an Uber driver takes a woman to a movie theater and she crosses the street to an abortion clinic, that driver can be sued for $10,000 for helping without even knowing. What Nimarata Randhawa is leaving open (and her supporters will no doubt see this) is putting doctors and nurses in jail, or even sentencing them to death.


I’m sorry, but do you have a story where someone has gotten arrested and jailed thus far, vs. women suffering (and at least in several cases going to jail) for miscarriages or lack of abortions? Yeah, this law sucks for people helping women, but women are STILL the primary individuals impacted by these laws. Pregnancy is incredibly dangerous in the very best circumstances, and banning what can be a life-saving procedure is and likely has been a death sentence already…



Can we not? The problem with Haley sure as shit isn’t that she’s of Indian ethnicity…


Assuming ‘late term’ means third trimester, aren’t they only ever done to either remove a dead/utterly invisible fetus or to save the life of the mother anyway?
Obviously if G_d has decided that you should carry a child without a cranium, it’s important to Him to see the child killed in the birth canal.


This is actually a thing for a lot of the evangelical forced birthers. They want fetuses with lethal conditions to be born because if they are terminated, god won’t be able to perform a miracle. This opportunity is worth the mother’s life to them.


No matter how odious someone is, let’s at least respect their wish when they say, “Call me Nikki, and I no longer use my maiden name.”


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We’re in agreement here… yes, the focus is the women, but the GOP knows that they will lose any public support if they go after them directly (at least this early in the game). So, they attack them indirectly - isolating them, attacking anyone who would help them, making them feel powerless and that forced-birth is inevitable. Selective enforcement is designed for maximum fear, and shouldn’t be seen as leniency.

The private-enforcement abortion ban laws are starting to be used, so no uber drivers yet. Three friends of a woman are being sued for helping, though, and state Rep. Briscoe Cain and Jonathan Mitchell (designer of the laws) are representing the the plaintiff.

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Except that’s not what you said, and you indeed shifted to the people who might get sued or arrested, but (generally speaking) have not.

Women ARE being directly attacked. I mean…

And she’s not the only one. So, I’m unsure why you decided that the actual hypothetical vs. the real?

Despite their rhetoric, the reality is telling us a much different story about who is being attacked. :woman_shrugging: We can’t take them at their word, but understand what is actually happening…


The “late term” endings to a pregnancy are:

  • Mother’s health at risk … if the fetus is healthy it becomes an emergency C-section and a premature baby. Goal is to save them both.
  • Fetus has a treatable problem that cannot wait. That’s a C-section and baby to wherever is best for care. We did nail-biting maturity monitoring when Rh babies were a big problem … you HAD to get the babies out because the mom’s immune system was killing them, but the lungs had to be developed “enough”. It was stressful.
  • Fetus died. It’s going to go septic and kill the mom. It HAS to be removed.
  • Fetus has a non-survivable birth defect. The mother may choose to end the pregnancy or wait for end of pregnancy. HER CHOICE. It HAS to be HER choice.
  • Normal labor and delivery at term.
  • IF a non-viable defect is discovered at birth, most hospitals give comfort care (pain control, O2, etc.) and do not take “heroic” measures to prolong the death. It’s horribly sad, but it still happens. (this is the “post-birth abortion” the MAGA are upset about)


The thing that concerns me is that Republicans do two dangerous things:

  1. They pretend that people are performing abortions on healthy viable fetuses. This just doesn’t happen. After 24 weeks (23+6) surgical abortions are not offered anywhere I know of. Instead the paths you outlined are what really happens. So this is purely to distract from what they are really aiming for.

  2. They never define late until they start writing laws, and they are happy to fight to stretch the definition of viable. 24 weeks is the medical standard, but some people argue for 22 or 23 weeks (or earlier!) even though survival is very unlikely. Banning abortion at or before 22/23 weeks would impact a lot of people who have a fetus with a non survivable defect. The 20 wk detailed ultrasounds that trigger genetic investigation can happen as late as 22 weeks, and are followed by genetic tests which take time. Often tests are pushed through as super stats to get results back fast enough for parents to meet with their dr/genetic counciler to make a decision before 24 weeks and schedule the termination if they choose to. If the political definition of late/viable moved to 22 weeks or earlier (heartbeat laws…) we just would not catch a large number of significant genetic conditions. I would not wish the hospice on anyone, if that is not their choice. Anyone who has experienced the reality of a baby dying knows how increadibly devastating that is even from the outside perspective. I don’t know if I would ever be OK again if that happened to my own child. I’m traumatized enough by second hand experience.

So if they manage to define late and ban abortion after their arbitrary time choice they will essentially ban surgical abortions for fetuses with non survivable defects. And thus subject parents to unbelievable trauma. So yeah fuck that.


This is the thing that gets me. I have been that ped at the bedside of the baby who is not going to make it and walking the parents through it. It might be the hardest, most traumatic, most heartbreaking thing I have had to do in my job. The idea that some whackjob will term that an “abortion” is utterly unforgivable to me. Fuck them with a consenting cactus.

(Off topic, but @Tsu_Dho_Nimh, I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out your nym! Read it many times, never said it out loud!)


"I think that I’ve watched Democrats, they have put fear in women. And I’ve watched Republicans use judgment.

Hayley should hang a flag on that projection; otherwise she’ll have someone’s eye out.

Like Gender Reassignment? Lots of people are saying, guys are doing that all the time to gain access to women’s spaces. :man_facepalming::person_facepalming::man_facepalming::woman_facepalming::man_facepalming::woman_facepalming::man_facepalming::woman_facepalming::man_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

I can’t even begin to image what that takes.

Thanks for sharing your discovery, I’m still giggling; and, thanks @Tsu_Dho_Nimh. Also, @Tsu_Dho_Nimh, thank you for your service; actually protecting the lives of the unborn and mothers; unlike Nikki-fucking-Haley and her ilk.


Because an omnipotent, omniscient god wouldn’t be able to reverse a fatal condition in the womb in a manner detectable yet contrary to all known science.

This is the god that allegedly made a virgin pregnant, yet is powerless against latex, hormonal brith control, and any and all forms of abortion.

Their god of the gaps isn’t very impressive.


Or do anything against iron chariots.

I vote we get a battalion of tanks to wipe his ass out.


You probably know this, but it has always bothered me. One of the excuses the religious sort of forced-birthers uses for forbidding abortions revolves around souls. The fetus has a soul and an abortion condemns the soul to purgatory (sometimes hell) because the fetus was never baptized.
So their omnipotent and omniscient god is either unable to tell which fetus will eventually be born and which terminated. Unable to see the choice the pregnant person will make with their free will. Or he is cruel and he’s the one responsible for condemning the souls of the fetuses he knows will be terminated.

It makes no sense. In large part because it is an excuse, an elaborate fantasy concocted because the forced-birthers won’t admit, even to themselves, that it isn’t about the babies. It’s about controlling pregnant women.


Anti-abortion opinions correlate with many other sexist ideas about women’s place in society.

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Those who can make you believe absurdities, and all that.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

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This is so considerate of her. Bless her little heart.


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