Nina Paley's haunting, mesmerizing, and life-affirming God-Mother animation


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Need some dancing Goddess gifs? Artist Nina Paley has got you covered

Geez, I never got around to watching Sita, though I probably suggested it to enough people.


Nina is an excellent artist, and it broke my heart when she came out as anti-trans rights. Normally I’d have this playing in the background as I work, but I can’t bring myself to watch her videos anymore.


Paley is TERF garbage and doesn’t deserve the exposure

There are plenty of other artists doing good work; there’s no need to boost a bigot


Beautiful! Thank you. I’ve just discovered you and look forward to checking out your other works.


Well that’s disappointing. I love her animation, now I’m conflicted.


Kind of ironic that an artist whose most famous work is based on Hindu mythology would turn out to be anti-trans.


One of my old favorites from Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares.


Ouch. That hurts. I adore Sita Sings the Blues … :frowning:


Anyone know of a good overview or summary of how Nina fell from grace?


She wrote about it on her blog here and here. It’s pretty petty and self-serving stuff.

Ah WTF do I know, I’m just another middle-age CIS male. :disappointed:



If she is not transphobic, she is really bad at showing it.


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