Nine-foot great white shark lept onto fisherman's boat


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I guess catch & release doesn’t apply here…


“lept”? - tha’s nae a word, innit


And others say, that, when but three hours old,
The first-born Love out of his cradle lept,
And clove dun Chaos with his wings of gold,
And like a horticultural adept,
Stole a strange seed, and wrapped it up in mould,
And sowed it in his mother’s star, and kept
Watering it all the summer with sweet dew,
And with his wings fanning it as it grew.

The Witch of Atlas - Shelley


Archaic spelling.



yeah yeah shelley
what i’m seeing is it’s archaic
out of common use
for four hundred years
ok for a poem
or a snark about a shark
if that’s what it was
but makes an ordinary headline
jump said shark


Suerlie ewe gest.


You don’t all have to go…


we shall return after exeat - we’s noodgy


In Australia, shark jumps you!


“lept”? - tha’s nae a word, innit

But no one’s complaining about ‘gunnel’ instead of ‘gunwale’?


correctamundo, ‘n’ tis a bloody good thing we’ve got a pedantic bo’s’n like yiz up in the linguistic fo’c’s’l keep’n a sharp eye out for jumpin’ sharks


God damn it people, nobody? Nobody’s making a Jaws reference?

Terry Selwood’s gonna need a bigger boat.

THERE! Was that so hard?





Apparently in some quarters it’s an accepted alternate spelling, but not on my watch.


That guy had massive hands.

I realize he was like 7’2", but even so…


Dear lord, they make my hands look positively trumpian.


Nine-foot great white shark lept onto fisherman’s boat

“Pardon me, but would you have any Grey Poupon?”